Interpreter Stories


Mariamne Makri is on a trainee interpreter scheme at the European Parliament and it is all rather daunting: "I've still not quite got the technique" she laments, "I tend to parrot, to interpret word for word, I haven't learnt yet how to relax." Despite this, she knows it's her vocation: "The atmosphere here is so exciting" she enthuses, "as an interpreter here you feel you are helping to facilitate important events."

Conference interpreting in mainland China

China is in the midst of an exciting transformation that is opening her doors ever wider to the outside world. As international contacts multiply, growing demand for high-quality interpretation is creating the conditions for the emergence of conference interpreting as a true profession. In this article, we give an overview of the development of conference interpreting in the world's largest developing country, and describe the joys - and challenges - of working as conference interpreters in a rapidly changing China.