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Open letter to US Congress

As Congress prepares the 2017 defense spending bill, the international coalition fears for the Special Immigrant Visa program which has brought some of the interpreters from Iraq and Afghanistan back to the U.S.A. for protection. With thousands of applications still pending, the life of the program must be extended. The latest Open Letter appeals to members of Congress to ensure its future and amend its most flagrant shortcomings.

Open Letter to Pope Francis

Following a speech by the Papal Nuncio in the UN exhorting member states to ensure improved protection for journalists in conflict situations, AIIC and partner organisations write an Open Letter to Pope Francis asking for his support for translators and interpreters at risk. This time the signatories are joined by Critical Link International, a non-profit organisation committed to the advancement of community interpreting in the social, legal & healthcare sectors.

Open Letter to the French President

With the withdrawal of French troops from Afghanistan, the government allowed a small number of Afghan interpreters and their families to enter France, but many were left behind and no plans were made to consider further visa applications. This letter to the French President urges France to re-open its doors to those linguists requesting shelter as the security situation deteriorates.

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Open Letter to the Swedish Prime Minister

Afghan interpreters who helped Swedish forces in Afghanistan have so far been unable to claim asylum in Sweden although fearing for their lives as troops pull out. As the Swedish parliament opens its session and debates the question of whether and how to assist them, AIIC, FIT, IAPTI and RedT publish another open letter, this time addressed to the Swedish Prime Minister and other cabinet ministers urging them to take action.

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Interpreter-mediated interactions: Methodologies and models - A tribute to Miriam Shlesinger (Call for papers)

LARIM (Laboratorio di Ricerca sulle Interazioni Mediate dall'Interprete/Research Laboratory on Interpreter-Mediated Interactions) set up in 2012 within the Faculty of Interpreting and Translation (FIT), LUSPIO University in Rome, will host this forum for discussing interdisciplinary approaches to research on 7-9 November 2013.

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