Paris celebrates AIIC's 60th birthday

Pictures tell the story of a celebration of languages and the formal presentation of The Birth of a Profession.

To culminate a year of events commemorating AIIC's sixtieth birthday, more than 200 interpreters, family members and friends came together at Unesco, the site of the association's founding assembly in 1953. The Birth of a Profession was officially launched, and amidst the recollections much was also said about the present and future of our profession. 

Here we revisit the gathering through photos and select comments. For example, did you know that Romero Britto created a special anniversary poster for the event? Or that in 1957 AIIC chalked up one of its earliest collective bargaining victories when it got the UN to raise its daily rate from 25 to 30 USD? Scroll down for more tidbits.

A big thank you to all interpreters - past, present and future!

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Jean-Pierre ALLAIN



This is a beautiful presentation of the 60th Anniversary Celebrations in Paris! What a fantastic gathering of eminent 'elder' colleagues and excellent speakers. I loved to see it and read the speeches through the links, all the more so since I was unable to attend myself, to my great regret.

We have come a long way in our profession and our association! But we still have more to achieve, especially as we face up to the spread of 'globish' which is becoming increasingly difficult to understand and is ever further removed from our own ways of feeling and speaking in our native languages.

Jean-Pierre Allain

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