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World Customs Organisation Brussels (BEL)

The AIIC-World Customs Organisation negotiating delegation negotiates the terms and conditions of interpreters who work for the WCO.

The AIIC-WCO Agreement applies to all interpreters who work for the WCO, members and non-members alike.

The delegation represents and defends the interests of the freelance interpreters who work for these organisations. Members who work in the sector elect the delegation at a “sectoral assembly”, which also establishes the negotiating mandate, subject to confirmation by the AIIC Council.

WCO Sector ()

Negotiating Delegations

Whenever it is necessary to negotiate or re-negotiate a collective agreement, AIIC appoints a negotiating delegation upon the proposal of the interpreters working in the sector concerned. The delegation negotiates on the basis of a mandate adopted by interpreters in the sector and approved by AIIC.

Professional delegations

When an agreement is concluded, a professional delegation is set up in the relevant organisation or workplace to ensure proper implementation and to solve any related problems that may arise. It can refer an important problem to the negotiating delegation. The professional delegation is appointed by AIIC upon proposal by the interpreters in the sector or sub-sector concerned. The professional delegation can include some members who are not in AIIC.