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Calliope is the only global network of professional consultant interpreters who are all members of AIIC, the only global professional interpreters association which is recognised by international organisations such as the European institutions and the United Nations.

Calliope interpreters provide world class interpretation services at more than 700 conferences every year in more than 40 countries, more than 30 languages and in even more subjects.

Calliope interpreters are practising professionals: we know our job and we know who to hire for your job.

Calliope interpreters are consultant interpreters: as specialists we make sure that you get what you need for your conference.

Calliope interpreters has experience to share: we have provided interpreters for all types of events, from small bilingual meetings through high level conferences and in major institutional settings such as the EU Presidency and EU Agencies, not to mention the Olympic Games, international congresses and technical seminars.

Calliope interpreters are professionals through and through:  confidentiality is our watchword; your business image is the winner. We make sure you are heard and heard properly.

For your peace of mind: Calliope Interpreters. Let us do the talking.