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What they say about themselves
I was educated at the German School and “D. Pedro V” High School, in Lisbon, as well as at “D. Nuno Álvares Pereira”, in the northern part of the country – junior high; after having moved to Brazil, where I got an equivalence certificate and attended the “cursinho” before getting into Mackenzie University, to read Law, I came back to Portugal and attended the Classical Lisbon University and afterwards the Catholic University, where I continued to read Law, w/o graduating which was also the case for Computer and Human Sciences, which I attended at the Université Libre, in Brussels; I of course sat a great many language and other sundry training courses, in Lisbon and elsewhere.

Started free-lancing as a conference interpreter, with no specific training, in September ’77…the first few years on a non-exclusive basis: also translating, revising, sub-titling, teaching English – which I had also done in Brazil…and for my first 8 years I was based in Lisbon although working every other month, from ‘80 to ‘82, in Luanda/Angola, for Texaco-Oil as an Interpreter but also Translator and Instructor. In January ’86 I became the first staff interpreter of the Portuguese booth at the European Parliament, based in Brussels/Luxembourg/Strasbourg, having won 1st place in a competitive test…and after 8 years I decided I had had enough and came back to Portugal and to free-lance work.

On the strength of several thousand conference days and extensive professional readings as well as some research and writings, I started teaching conference interpretation in different frameworks: refresher courses ( 2 weeks every summer ’87-’97, at Cambridge University-FR<>EN), several “stages & séminaires” co-organized at the European Parliament (’86-’93), for the Portuguese and other booths, occasional stints at other schools, such as the University of Westminster, the Univiversity of Braga (‘96-‘98), etc…

Other than with aiic, where I’ve been inter alia twice Council Member, for Belgium and Portugal, now serving the latter as Regional Secretary. I am also a member of SNATTI – The National Union of Tour Leaders, Translators and Interpreters - where I was a Director and then President for 2 terms each.

My language combination is A: PT; B: EN/FR; C: IT/SP, ie I work into PT (mother tongue) EN and FR out of same + IT & SP.

I find it difficult to summarize my professional experience inasmuch as I have pretty much interpreted almost everything, everywhere, at home and abroad, for private companies and multinational corporations, scholarly and professional associations, GO’s, NGO’s, regional and global inter-governmental organizations (EU, C. of E., several UN agencies, NATO etc), in bi- and multi-lateral settings, mostly simultaneous but also a lot of consecutive, dealing with matters administrative, commercial, technical, academic, etc…much Law, Medicine, Banking, Insurance, Telecoms, Management and Politics at all levels, from rank and file to Heads of State.

I’ve recruited for many years, for both PCO’s and international organizations, and of course for private customers who ask me to recruit and coordinate the teams they need, often times coordinating venues and equipment as well, also translation/revision of germane texts.