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Only professionals with recognised work experience in spoken language translation may join AIIC.

Every day, AIIC conference interpreters translate from and into 449 languages at multilingual conferences, meetings and events of all kinds the world over.

AIIC currently has 3020 members who translate for business and international organisations, 90% of them on a freelance basis. 311 are staff interpreters with an international organisation or ministry .

You will find them in 296 cities.

With a few exceptions, conference interpreting is team work. Team size and composition obey specific rules that are essential to providing a professional service.

AIIC recommends that you ask a professional conference interpreter to recruit your team of interpreters.

Some AIIC interpreters, known as consultant interpreters, specialise in recruitment services. They will be happy to discuss your requirements and recommend the best interpreting solution for your multingual event.

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A professional association, AIIC does not provide or sell interpreting services. Freelance AIIC interpreters and AIIC-approved consultants do.