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04 Sep 17 — 10 Sep 19

09:00 — 20:00

Geneva, Switzerland



University of Geneva


FTI, University of Geneva: Certificate, Diploma and Master of Advanced Studies in Interpreter Training Permalink

This unique modular online course allows you to acquire the skill set required to train interpreters in different settings and modalities. Learn the foundations of skill-and-task analysis, progression and sequencing and diagnosing recurrent problems in the CAS in Consecutive Interpreter Training and the CAS in Simultaneous Interpreter Training. Add the specificities of conference interpreting, such as long, note-based consecutive and simultaneous interpreting with text, in the DAS in Interpreter Training and become a full-fledged university-level trainer with the MAS in Interpreter Training.

To find out more, click here :

Registration opens on March 20th and closes on June 30th 2017.

01 Oct 18 — 21 Jan 19

09:00 — 18:00

Geneva, Switzerland



Faculté de traduction et d'interprétation de l'Université de Genève

Boulevard Carl-Vogt 101

1205 Genève

Research Methods in Translation and Interpreting Studies : Foundations and Data Analysis Permalink

Following the success of our previous courses on research methods in Translation and Interpreting Studies, we are delighted to announce the launch of “Foundations and Data Analysis”.

Our online courses offer a unique opportunity for doctoral or pre-doctoral students from partner institutions, as well as other researchers in the field, to hone their methodological and communication skills, and to collaborate with fellow scholars via a one-of-a-kind, interactive online platform. Participants will have access to reading materials, individual feedback, discussion threads and plenary lectures, and will be able to organize their work according to their individual schedules.


  • Registration for the course is open until 7 September 2018, and the course will officially begin on 24 September.

For more information, including conditions for enrolment, please consult the brochure

The Research Methods in Translation and Interpreting Studies (ReMeTIS) team.

02 Nov 18


Prague, Czech Republic

AIIC regional event


Ústav translatologie / Institute of Translation Studies
Faculty of Arts
Charles University Praha 1
Hybernská 3
room 206

AIIC VEGA event in Prague: Best practices in conference interpreting Permalink

Come and join experienced AIIC interpreters Monika Kokoszycka (AIIC VEGA, London) and Tomáš Opočenský (AIIC, ASKOT, Prague) to find out more about the professional and ethical standards promoted by AIIC, the only global association of conference interpreters. Monika and Tomáš will explain what AIIC is and how it can help you in your interpreting career, and will provide valuable insight into the interpreting markets open to Czech conference interpreters abroad.

All are welcome: interpreting students, recent graduates and experienced colleagues alike.

Please note that the event will be held in Czech and English, and will be without interpretation.

This event is brought to you by AIIC's VEGA Network to mark St. Jerome's Day (Jeronýmovy dny), and is being held in collaboration with the Institute of Translation Studies at Charles University, the Czech Association of Conference Interpreters (ASKOT), and the Czech Union of Interpreters and Translators (JTP).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Monika Kokoszycka

We hope to see you there! 

03 Nov 18

10:00 — 18:00

The Hague, Netherlands

AIIC regional event


Humanity House

Prinsegracht 8
2512 GA Den Haag

Organised by

Claire Parment: c.parment@w1kg.aiic.net

AIIC Netherlands: Seminar on Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Permalink

Everything you always wanted to know about Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) but were afraid to ask. 

As we wonder in what way new technologies are going to transform simultaneous interpreting, we are determined to stay abreast of new developments and invite you to become part in a journey into Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI).

Following the success of the AIIC regional seminar in London, we will focus on the technical features of the solutions offered on the market and the applicable requirements from both the interpreter’s and the provider’s perspective. You will be invited to consider how the existing ISO standards and requirements can be met in different situations and what options are open to different stakeholders. Issues of liability will also be discussed. The aim is to equip you with solid knowledge to rely on when negotiating Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) assignments.

The seminar will be led by Klaus Ziegler, professional freelance conference interpreter, consultant, interpreter trainer and researcher. He is the Coordinator of the AIIC Technical and Heath Committee and a member of the AIIC Task Force on Distance Interpreting and the ISO Group.  

Klaus Ziegler will differentiate between Distance Interpreting, Remote Interpreting and Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) and will set out the most important technical parameters for RSI. He will give an overview of the existing platforms and solutions, their practical application and compliance with ISO 20108 and 20109 requirements. Responsibilities of stakeholders in the practical application of RSI will also be discussed.

You will benefit from the expertise of our AIIC colleagues on the Panel, namely Rachel Brevier and Gaspar Obregon.

Rachel Breviere has recently set up a hub for Remote Simultaneous Interpreting.

Gaspar Obregon is a member of the AIIC Social Media Team and administrator of AIIC’s Q&A website: interpreting.info

The seminar will be concluded by a guided brainstorming session on practical and ethical issues connected to remote interpreting and on AIIC’s Position Paper on Distance Interpreting.   

cost (including lunch)

  • AIIC members and candidates: €65
  • AIIC pre-candidates: €50
  • AIIC non-members: €75

You will find attached the Programme and the registration form.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or difficulties with Registration.


16 Nov 18

09:00 — 18:00

Stuttgart, Germany

AIIC Courses


Arcotel Camino Stuttgart
Heilbronner Strasse 21
70191 Stuttgart
Tel.: +49 711 258 58 4880

Organised by

Contact: fortbildung@ruqxqck1.aiic.de

AIIC Deutschland: 9th AIIC Interpreters for Interpreters Workshop Permalink

The event is open to AIIC Interpreters as well as Pre-Candidates and Candidates, colleagues from the VKD and other Interpreters’ Associations and also graduates from interpreting courses at all universities or training centres. Students may apply as Workshop Assistants.

The presentations about different aspects of conference interpretation are offered by our colleagues on a voluntary basis. The workshop language is mainly German but we will happily provide interpretation from German into English and vice versa, if needed.


Please click here


  • € 125 for members of AIIC and VKD
  • € 145 for non-members


Special room rate €119.00
cancellation until 13.11.2018 use booking code “AIIC-DfD 2018”

*If absolutely necessary, it is possible to cancel one’s registration after registering on Eventbrite

All AIIC courses are non-profit.

Courses will be confirmed when registration fees cover the cost of the course or cancelled at the latest six weeks before the date of the course.

Participants withdrawing before the course is confirmed will be refunded.

Participants withdrawing after the course is confirmed will only be refunded if a substitute participant enrolls.

AIIC reserves the right to use photos taken during the course for promotional purposes. Anyone who does not want their image used in this way is invited to mention this to in an email to the address above before the course.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with training@megze2z.aiic.net


23 Nov 18

09:30 — 18:00

Thessaloniki, Greece

AIIC regional event


Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center (KEDEA)

Organised by

Organizing Committee

AIIC Greece & Cyprus: Community interpreting as a right/rite of passage Permalink

The Laboratory of Narrative Research and the Laboratory of Translation, Interpreting and Communication, with the support of AIIC Greece-Cyprus will organize an annual symposium in 2018 which will focus on the process of narrativising migrant displacement. In recent years an unprecedented wave of immigrants has been flooding the countries of southern Europe. The problem of communicating their narratives to different state bodies (law enforcement and asylum authorities, courts, schools) has been a major issue for both the immigrants and the host countries. Community interpreting is the only channel through which these people can pass their stories to the host community, at moments that can prove catalytic for their lives and the lives of their families. This symposium intends to explore this channel of communication from different perspectives. In different "rites of passages" - police interrogations, asylum hearings, court proceedings - interpreting gives these people a "right of passage" that will allow them to continue their lives.

Keynote Speakers

For more information, please click here

05 Jan 19 — 06 Jan 19

09:00 — 18:00

Bangkok, Thailand

AIIC Courses


Thammasat University

Organised by
AIIC Trainers in Asia-Pacific


Registration: Ms. Hong Jiang training@c3enpqtgjq.aiic.net

Local information: Ms. Sasee Chanprapun schanprapun@fgp1qnbd.yahoo.com

AIIC Training Asia - Upgrade of skills: consecutive interpreting with English as B language Permalink


A two-day consecutive interpreting workshop for interpreters with English as a B language seeking to upgrade their skills in consecutive interpreting. Training will be oriented towards those have not received formal coaching in consecutive skills. Starting with basic principles and practices, the workshop will aim to build professional proficiency in consecutive interpreting, moving towards intermediate and advanced speech materials. The workshop will propose models of practice for trainees to replicate on their own.


The first day will introduce the basic skill components of consecutive interpreting. Students will be expected to understand the process and engage in the exercises. There will be listening exercises without note-taking, followed by introduction to note-taking and interpretation exercises with brief speeches. The aim of the second day is to enhance proficiency in interpreting longer speeches (4 - 5 minutes) with more advanced levels of content.  Techniques and strategies for dealing with specific difficulties will be covered, including work on voice, tone and register.


James Jennings is a conference interpreter who worked for over three decades within the United Nations family, including as senior interpreter at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal in Cambodia. He was a member of AIIC for fifteen years. For seven years, he taught interpretation skills at the ETI, as the Geneva University interpreting school was then known, and more recently for two years at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. He lives in Yangon, Myanmar.


  • Class size: 16 – 26 places


  • AIIC members - 200 euros
  • Non-AIIC registrants - 220 euros

For registration, please click here

 Cancellation policy

All AIIC courses are non-profit.

  • Courses will be confirmed when registration fees cover the costs of the course or cancelled at the latest 6 weeks before the date of the course.
  • Participants withdrawing before confirmation of the course will be refunded.
  • If the course is cancelled all participants will be refunded.
  • If a participant cancels after the course has been confirmed AIIC can only refund the course fee if costs are still covered

Photo rights

AIIC reserves the right to use photos taken during the course for promotional purposes. Anyone who does not want their image used in this way is invited to mention this to in an email to the address above before the course.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with training@ygakrbtk2g.aiic.net

07 Jan 19 — 18 Jan 19

09:00 — 18:00

Bridgetown, Barbados

AIIC Courses


The University of the West Indies (UWI)
Cave Hill Campus - Barbados

For information and registration:

Write to Ocean Inspiration; info@hhhc2.oceaninspiration.ch
Check our website www.oceaninspiration.ch (Under the heading Prochains cours - English in the Caribbean) And follow us on Instagram! oceaninspirationbarbados

Join our Mailing list

AIIC Training : English in the Caribbean Permalink

Envie de joindre l’utile à l’agréable? Inscrivez-vous au cours « English in the Caribbean » du 7 au 18 janvier 2019 à la Barbade! Un programme de perfectionnement de l’anglais et de découverte de la culture des Caraïbes spécialement créé par des interprètes de l’AIIC (Jihane Sfeir et Sandra Hamilton) pour des interprètes de conférence, en coopération avec l’Université des Indes Occidentales (The University of the West Indies - UWI) de la Barbade.
Le programme s’inscrit dans un séjour de 2 semaines qui inclut 50 h de cours interactifs, des
visites culturelles, des rencontres avec des experts, le logement dans une villa à un coût très
abordable, des facilités pour le transport et un programme d’activités optionnelles à tarif réduit.


  • Date limite d’inscription: 30 Octobre 2018
  • Nombre de participants requis: 15

Want to get work done while having fun? Sign up now for “English in the Caribbean” – a course that’s happening next January in Barbados! Specially designed by AIIC conference interpreters (Jihane Sfeir and Sandra Hamilton) for conference interpreters, in collaboration with the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados, “English in the Caribbean” will be an opportunity for you to perfect your English while discovering the culture of the Caribbean. The programme will spread over two weeks with 50 hours of interactive classes including cultural visits and meetings with experts, accommodation in an extremely reasonably priced villa, transport and optional activities at attractive prices.


  • Deadline for registration: October 30, 2018
  • Required number of participants: 15


07 Jan 19 — 29 Apr 19

20:00 — 21:10

Mexico City, FD, Mexico



Location: online webinar

Contact: Darinka Mangino d.mangino@p2x.aiic.net

Webinar: On-line Refresher Course on Simultaneous Interpreting Module 1 Permalink

Description: This 20hr online weekly refresher course is aimed to:

  • anticipate difficulties in simultaneous interpreting
  • analyze specific types of discourse
  • practice with targeted exercises
  • learn about or refresh knowledge of new ITC tools.

Topics: Difficulties: Mexican Spanish, Foreign Accents, Numbers, Speed, SI with text. Tools: Preparation, Research for Context & terms, Glossary building, Self-assessment. Analysis of Speeches: Political, Legal UN & Art & Culture Contexts. Exercises: Voice, Memory, Lexical Agility, Listening & Attention.

Language: Sessions will be taught in Spanish. Examples and exercises use Spanish & English. 

About the trainer: Ms. Darinka Mangino is a conference and court interpreter. She holds a Master in Advanced Studies for Interpreting Trainers from Université de Genève, Switzerland; a PGC in Forensic Linguistics from Aston University, United Kingdom and a University Degree in Conference Interpreting from Instituto Superior de Interpretes y Traductores, Mexico City. She is a member of AIIC and CMIC. Darinka Mangino is the founder of Lexica Aula Virtual para Interpretes.

Visual Bio


Please click here

19 Jan 19 — 20 Jan 19

10:00 — 17:00

London, United Kingdom


Contact: Kaplun.tatiana@3qqwctq.gmail.com

Know Your Worth: Understanding Marketing and Negotiating for Interpreters Permalink

This two-day seminar with Julia Poger is aimed at any interpreter who wishes to improve relationships with clients and prospects, gain more respect, and negotiate higher fees. 

By examining the mindset underlying the marketing and negotiating tasks that interpreters carry out every day, participants will obtain invaluable tools for marketing their services and negotiating contracts that they may put into practice immediately. 

Various questions will be addressed, such as:

  • What can you do to increase your chances of getting the job once you have targeted the client?
  • What should you avoid saying, or else the client may never hire you – or anyone else?
  • What phrase should always end your conversations with any client?
  • How do you increase your chances of earning what you are worth?

Concepts such as branding, selling, client relationships, pricing, negotiating tricks, and "coopetition" will also be discussed, all illustrated with real-life examples. 

Julia draws on parallels with other – often surprisingly similar – professions, and what lessons we could learn from them. She focuses on the upstream work that must be done by the interpreter before advertising his/her services, as well as on the preparation involved before beginning the process of selling or negotiating a contract.

Participants will be encouraged to take a step back from their own position, and envision the entire client relationship from new perspectives.


Julia Poger, M.A.C.I. (MIIS); ATA; AIIC, started her career as a marketer and negotiator at a young age, developing her selling skills in markets as diverse as newspaper advertising, books, shoes, ideas and, once she received her Master’s Degree in 1987, interpreting services.

Her experience includes building and retaining a wide-ranging client base in the private, institutional, and government markets on both sides of the Atlantic. She has worked at presidential and cabinet levels in two US and one French administration, at ministerial and presidential levels for international organizations, as well as for CEOs from various Fortune 500 Companies. She has trained interpreters in consecutive interpretation, English as a B language, and marketing and negotiating techniques, and has taught and/or examined in schools in six countries. She is a member of the Belgian AIIC Network of Trainers (BANT), co-organizes the Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course (CCIC), and offers consulting services on branding and brand identity.

Practical Information

The event is open to practicing interpreters, and also to graduates from interpreting courses at any university or training center. 


  • GBP 300 early bird rate, valid until 30 November 2018
  • GBP 350 as of 1 December 2018  

The seminar fee will be payable upon registration.

A 50% cancellation fee will be charged if cancelled following payment, and a 100% cancellation fee will be charged if cancelled after 1 December.


To register, please contact the seminar’s organizer Tatiana Kaplun at Kaplun.tatiana@fxsrmtxfq3p.gmail.com

  • Minimum: 10 participants 
  • Maximum: 25 participants 

For more information visit the seminar website and join the seminar Facebook page for updates.

21 Jan 19 — 25 Jan 19

09:00 — 18:00

Curitiba, Brazil

AIIC Courses


Alameda Dom Pedro II


Organised by

Raquel Schaitza, Richard Laver, Denise de Vasconcelos Araujo 

AIIC Brazil: Upgrade Course: Portuguese C Hi²T Permalink

Come Hi²T your PT C target at the eighth edition of the very successful High Intensity Interpreter Training.

Target audience

Interpreters with Portuguese C or planning to add Portuguese to their language combination. English, Spanish and French As and Bs are welcome. Other languages may be accommodated upon request, ideally with at least two students with the same combination in the group.

Course highlights

  • Option to extend your stay thus maximizing your exposure to Portuguese while acting as an observer during the Portuguese A Hi²T courses given in the weeks just before and after the PT C Hi²T
  • Live speakers presenting on a variety of topics for simultaneous and consecutive practice
  • In addition to instructors, native PT A interpreters help with feedback during the PT C Hi²T 
  • Remote feedback by guest interpreter trainers from renown interpreting programs in Brazil
  • Additional Portuguese as a foreign language classes may be an option upon consultation
  • Cultural activities
  • Tourism opportunities
  • Homestay options   

Be sure to visit the PT C HT FAQ here for detailed information on the program


Raquel Schaitza (PT A; EN B) has been a freelancer in the private market for over 25 years and is the current AIIC Advisory Board member for Brazil. Raquel completed the Master of Advanced Studies in Interpreter Training at the University of Geneva and offers a regular short-term interpreter training program in Curitiba. She was also a simultaneous interpreting trainer at Estácio de Sá University in São Paulo, Brazil, and a Teaching Fellow in Interpreting at the University of Leeds.

Richard Laver (PT and EN A; ES C) has been a member of AIIC since 2002. He is currently a member of Vega and AIIC's Budget Committee.  Richard is a freelance interpreter based in Rio with 20 years of experience. Richard is also a guest trainer at the regular interpreter training program offered in Curitiba.

Together, Raquel Schaitza and Richard Laver have been offering the Hi²T for both PT A and PT C interpreters based in Brazil or abroad since its first edition in 2014.

The preferred number of participants is between 12 (minimum) and 16 (maximum).


Quality Hotel Curitiba

Alameda Dom Pedro II, 740 – Batel, Curitiba, Brazil


Early bird (until September 22)

AIIC members: EUR 795

Non-AIIC Members: EUR 895

After September 22

AIIC members: EUR 885

Non-AIIC members: EUR 985

Add a week as observer for the PT A HT (January 26-30) for 90 euros.


 After you register clicking below, be sure to fill out the registration questionnaire here.

For further details or if you have any questions contact francetraining@gfkzr3zev.aiic.net.

Landing page

Registration form

25 Jan 19 — 27 Jan 19

09:00 — 18:00

Roma, Italy


Per informazioni rivolgersi al CRIC :

Serena, Segreteria : 39 06 5745323; cric@sgsqqp1wdg.cric-interpreti.com
Marina , Amministrazione :39 06 5758344; amministrazione@cxwhbyn2.cric-interpreti.com

Corso di aggiornamento di lingua italiana Permalink

Il Consorzio Romano Interpreti di Conferenza è lieto di annunciare che l'Edizione del Corso Bonsai 2019 avrà luogo a Roma il 25, 26, 27 gennaio 2019

Vi aspettiamo numerosi e Vi ricordiamo che potete fin dora manifestare interesse a partecipare. Sede del Corso e programma sono in via di definizione.


27 Jan 19

09:30 — 17:00

Mexico City, FD, Mexico




Local information: Ms. Darinka Mangino: d.mangino@dgskc2vfvvb.aiic.net

Registration matters: Ms Maha El-Metwally: maha@gzubax2qb.culturalbridges.co.uk

Preparation in the 21st Century Permalink

Course description

Right after Lenguas concludes in Mexico City, Darinka Mangino and Maha El-Metwally will be offering the extended face-to-face version of their successful webinar Preparation 2.0.

There is a general understanding among practitioners that preparation is related to higher quality and job satisfaction. The amount of conference material and time available is a key factor affecting the preparation process. Preparing for some assignments could be described as a paradox. Interpreters might be given all the material needed for thorough preparation, though they might receive it very close to the time of the conference. In other cases, interpreters are given sufficient time to prepare but receive very few details on their assignment.

At the same time, several international organizations are moving towards a paperless environment. As such, trainee and practicing conference interpreters need to learn how to prepare for meetings in such an environment. We will look at examples of paperless portals and explore apps you can use to annotate documents or organize your glossary. Another reason for paperless preparation is that interpreters spend a good part of the year on the go. We will look at apps and gadgets that can contribute to making your life easier and more organized. 

The primary objective of this course is to provide interpreters with a preparation method and IT tools that allow them to most effectively use their time and the material available when preparing for a conference assignment. The main course components are:

  • introduce interpreters to the 'SPEAKING' preparation method
  • introduce interpreters to corpus tools for term extraction and Boolean operators for quicker search purposes
  • explore IT tools to annotate documents and organize glossaries
  • review apps and gadgets that can contribute to making an interpreter's life easier and more organized


  • AIIC members: $160
  • Non AIIC Members: $180

Last day for booking your place is December 21st, 2018. To book your place, please send an e-mail to maha@b2.culturalbridges.co.uk in order to receive the payment instructions.


Ms. Maha El-Metwally is a conference interpreter who works for a wide range of international organizations, including the European Institutions and the United Nations. After an MA in interpreter training from the University of Geneva, she developed a course on technology for interpreters which she successfully offered in the United Kingdom, Taipei, Hong Kong, Panama, Buenos Aires and Cairo. She is a member of AIIC, the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL) and the American Translators Association (ATA). She is also a Board member and member of the Admissions Committee of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI). She is associated with a number of universities both in the UK and abroad where she offers training and professionalization talks. She also teaches conference interpreting at the University of Surrey.

Ms. Darinka Mangino is a conference and court interpreter. She holds a Master in Advanced Studies for Interpreting Trainers from Université de Genève, Switzerland; a PGC in Forensic Linguistics from Aston University, United Kingdom and a University Degree in Conference Interpreting from Instituto Superior de Interpretes y Traductores, Mexico City. She is a member of AIIC and CMIC. Darinka Mangino is the founder of Lexica Aula Virtual para Interpretes. 

01 Feb 19 — 04 Feb 19

09:30 — 13:00

Rome, Italy

AIIC Courses


Fondazione Lelio e Lisli Basso
Via della Dogana Vecchia
00186 Rome
(close to the Pantheon)

AIIC Training of Trainers - Rome 2019 ToT Permalink

Feedback-giving: Honing our skills


This seminar will be led by Raquel Schaitza and Julia Poger . It will be preceded by a pre-course benchmarking activity completed at participants' convenience.

After Robin Setton's detailed coverage of this important topic in 2018, it is time to get down to the nitty-gritty of feedback-giving and hone our skills in an interactive, shared-learning atmosphere.

This course will offer a unique opportunity for trainers to think about feedback and exchange experience, while discussing a few theoretical issues and doing practical exercises based on real student interpreting performances.

Please click here for more information on the structure of the course, as well as on the trainers.  

Instruction will be in English.  A basic knowledge of French would be helpful but is not necessary

Two 1.5 days sections of the course will be offered to accommodate more participants:

First course: Friday 1 February (all day starting at 9:30) and Saturday 2 February (9:30 - 13:00)
See fees and register here.

Second course: Sunday 3 February (all day starting at 9:30) and Monday 4 February (9:30 - 13:00)
See fees and register here.

Sponsorship of Interpreter Trainers

AIIC Training will sponsor 4 interpreter trainers to attend this seminar. The sponsorship grant will cover an economy return airfare (upon presentation of a valid ticket) up to a maximum of CHF 1000.

Applicants should have their professional address outside Europe and be able to demonstrate that they are practising conference interpreters, who regularly teach conference interpreting. Attendance at, or organisation of, interpreting-related training events will also be looked upon favorably. AIIC members and non-members may apply.

Trainers applying for sponsorship should also register for the course at the link above if they intend to attend the course with or without sponsorship. Trainers whose participation depends on the award of sponsorships need only apply for the sponsorship.

Applications for sponsorship should be submitted here.

AIIC reserves the right to request paper copies of any documentation provided. The results of the selection procedure will be announced as soon as possible after this date.

All AIIC courses are non-profit.

  • Courses will be confirmed when registration fees cover the costs of the course or cancelled at the latest 6 weeks before the date of the course.
  • Participants withdrawing before confirmation of the course will be refunded.
  • If the course is cancelled all participants will be refunded.
  • If a participant cancels after the course has been confirmed AIIC can only refund the course fee if costs are still covered.

AIIC reserves the right to use photos taken during the course for promotional purposes. Anyone who does not want their image used in this way is invited to mention this to in an email to the address above before the course.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with training@vh2eaz.aiic.net

27 Feb 19 — 08 Mar 19

08:00 — 17:00

Germersheim, Germany



Johannes Gutenberg–Universität

FTSK Germersheim

Internationale Sommerschule Germersheim

Wini Kern

An der Hochschule 2

D - 76711 Germersheim

Wini Kern

FTSK Germersheim

German for Conference Interpreters (German as a C-language) Permalink

Number of participants: 15 - 30 conference interpreters with German as a C-language

(A-language chosen from English, French, Spanish, Italian; Russian, Polish, other languages on request)

 Course content:

Session 1: (27.02. – 02.03.)

  • Perfecting passive language skills
  • Workshops on cultural studies: current affairs, economics etc.
  • Interpreting from German into A-language
  • Saturday: Excursion to Heidelberg/Speyer

Session 2: (04.03. - 08.03.)

  • Workshops: interpreting from German into A-language
  • Multilingual conferences with simultaneous interpreting.


Course fees: € 800 (sessions 1+2); € 600 (session 2 only)

  • including 2 excursions and other activities.
  • not including accommodation.


Disclaimer! All events classified as "AIIC" are organised by an AIIC committee, group or region. All additional listings are organized by other parties and their inclusion here does not imply AIIC endorsement.