5th AIIC Germany's “Interpreters-for-Interpreters” workshop: Invitation and call for papers

05 Sep 15

09:30 — 18:00

Köln, Germany

AIIC regional event



Nonnenwerthstrasse 78

50937 Köln

Organised by

For further information contact Almute Löber : a.loeber@y2dtjsqkd.aiic.net

This year, the German Region of AIIC will organise the “Interpreters-for-Interpreters” Workshop exactly where we were last year - Cologne. We would like to welcome newcomers to the profession as well as colleagues with years and decades of experience in the field of conference interpreting.

The event is open to AIIC members, candidates and pre-candidates based in Germany or elsewhere, colleagues from the VKD and other interpreter associations, and graduates of interpreting courses at all universities or training centres.

Practical information

  • The costs of the workshop will be shared between the participants.
  • AIIC members, candidates and pre-candidates will be given a 20% discount .
  • Receipts and participation certificates will be issued.

We will be able to give more exact information on the workshop fee as soon as we know all room and equipment rental costs (incl. catering) and the final number of participants. During the most recent Interpreters-for-Interpreters workshops we all enjoyed the full catering service and the fact that we could use all of our breaks to liaise with colleagues rather than having to look for restaurants. So we will try to offer a similar service again. All food will be vegetarian.

Presentations on various topics of interest to us as interpreters will be made by interpreters on a pro bono basis. In exchange, the workshop fee will be waived for all making presentations.

The workshop language is actually German, but if colleagues would like to present in English or in case we receive registrations from colleagues who need interpretation into English, we will arrange for interpretation as well. In this case, the workshop fees will be waived for colleagues who are willing to work in teams of two to provide interpretation for any session (1 ½ hours) of the workshop.

Call for papers

Deadline for submission of papers: 30 July 2015

Possible subjects and presentations

The main subject of this year’s Interpreters-for Interpreters workshop will hopefully be “Information about other jobs and professions which are more or less like interpreting.” So we would like to have speakers present topics such as “Audio Description” or “Dubbing and/or subtitling of films” or other related jobs you may think of (e.g. court reporting, announcer, anchorman). If you know anybody who is doing this kind of work, or somebody who used to be an interpreter and found a totally different job but is grateful to have been an interpreter before, we’d be happy to have him/her as a speaker and will negotiate a speaker’s fee. We would also like to have a presentation on “Negotiated Terms and Conditions when interpreting for the United Nations”.

Two presentations and one extra topic may already be announced:

  • Our colleague Ricarda Mehl will speak about “What it is like and what to watch out for when interpreting for the armed forces”.
  • Maren Schäfer-Rieger will speak about “How to use Formative Psychology techniques to reduce stress”.
  • We will also explain again how you may find a Tandem-Partner for your language combination and how to train and coach each other at almost no expense.

We would like to ask all colleagues who wish to present a subject of interest to interpreters (15-30 minutes presentation and 15 minutes discussion time), or who would like to participate in a panel discussion to send us the corresponding information before 30th July 2015. Depending on the topic, we may be able to allocate more time to individual presentations.

Subjects could include:

  • Matters relating to physical and mental health
  • Anything “all too human”
  • What it is like to be a permanently employed interpreter
  • What insurances do I need as a freelance interpreter?
  • When and how to retire as a freelance interpreter?
  • Research subjects (e.g. brain research – how does an interpreter’s brain work?)
  • Taxes, finances and accounting and/or office work
  • Pearls of wisdom
  • Computer hardware and software
  • New conference technology
  • Organisational matters
  • Continuing education – who has what to offer?
  • Presentation of a technical subject or discipline
  • Marketing

We can also imagine the following subjects for presentations:

  • How to cope with stress
  • Improved time management for interpreters
  • What to watch out for when interpreting for radio and television
  • How to improve data protection
  • Data security for smartphones
  • Checklist for working days abroad (insurance, taxes, legal terms, visa)
  • Speakers’ body language and how it can assist us when interpreting
  • Psychological aspects of team work and “lone wolves” for interpreters
  • Panel discussion or individual presentation on learning/adding another language after graduation

Should colleagues have quick tips to share, we could also hold a half-hour session with five-minute slots entitled “Quick Hints and Tips”. For example, places where we can get discounts, tried and tested ideas, accommodation tips for popular conference venues, travel tips, etc. We could also write tips on flipcharts.

If we should receive more presentation proposals than can reasonably be scheduled on a single day, some can be kept in reserve for presentations at our next Interpreters-for-Interpreters workshop.

We are looking forward to receiving your presentation proposals and hope that many of you will be able to attend. We have a large and bright room in a very nice part of Cologne, near the local woods. Please spread the word to as many colleagues as possible about spending 5 September 2015 with interesting and interested colleagues in Cologne.

    Bookings: We are also ready and will be delighted to take bookings from all those who would just like to attend our workshop. Please state whether you are an AIIC member, candidate or pre-candidate.

    With all kind regards,

    Almute Löber, Ulla Schneider and Inès Riecken-Chavarria, Coordinators for Continuing Education, German Region of AIIC.

    In all matters concerning the IfI-Workshop, please contact Almute Löber : a.loeber@tfepgz3tntt.aiic.net


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