Ask the pros — Do you have a question about interpreting? Use this page to identity who to ask for an expert answer.

Contacting AIIC World

AIIC's Geneva-based international secretariat will be happy to answer your questions about AIIC and AIIC membership in French or English.

Contacting AIIC locally

For specific information in a given country, get in touch directly with an AIIC regional officer. They will be happy to help you in the local language.

Expert information

AIIC's expert groups are the first port of call for technical questions about training, equipment and standards, consultant interpreters, court or sign language interpreting in a conference setting, and more.

Collective agreements

Contact AIIC's negotiating and professional delegations for any issue arising out of AIIC's collective agreements with international organisations.

If your question does not require a personal answer we invite you to post it on, a community-driven Q&A site dedicated to interpreting.