Letter from the Editor

These days all enquiries regarding work reach me by email. This might not be the case if I lived in a European or North American meeting metropolis, but living in Asia, my phone is quieter and the answering machine long retired. It's positive that individual interpreters can make themselves more visible on the Internet (e.g. through the AIIC directory), but what to do when the result is a feeler from an unknown source?

The future of conference interpreting: training, technology and research

On June 30th and July 1st of this year the University of Westminster hosted a conference: the Future of Conference Interpreting: Training, Technology and Research.  It was an event that took careful planning and involved lots of people and institutions, including an organising committee [i], the University's Marketing, Events and Press Officers as well as our technician, Barry Sims, so I am pleased to report that it was an unqualified success.