Letter from the President

Every three years AIIC - like any similar association - holds its Assembly, as tradition and regulations dictate, to look back over the past three years and plan for the next three. The Assembly also sees new officers appointed to the Association's governing bodies, elects committees and considers various administrative issues.

The AIIC Malintzin prize 2009

Mr. Hans-Dietrich Genscher, former Foreign Minister of Germany, assiduously promoted the use of languages in international discourse. In the opening ceremony of the 2009 AIIC Assembly in Nice (France), he became the first recipient of the AIIC Malintzin Prize in recognition of his advocacy of the right to speak the tongue we all speak best - our own.

A really Nice assembly

Every three years AIIC holds its Assembly, which this January took place in Nice. As a governing body the Assembly has to approve the actions of its officers since the last Assembly and decide on strategy for the coming three years. It hears from various committees, elects officers and approves the budget. But really the event is an excuse to catch up with your friends.