A tale of two pictures: an AIIC training of trainers seminar

A teacher introducing consecutive interpreting grapples with the question of how to help students see the big picture, even while identifying lexical-grammatical elements as they listen and take notes. AIIC’s workshop "Teaching consecutive interpreting: the first six months" broadened the frame of reference to imprint a lasting image of how to confront the challenge.

Off mic with Phil Smith: ordem e progresso

Have you tried decluttering? It's very therapeutic. Most of you go for well-ordered neatness in the booth. The water glass and pens are in perfect alignment and all documents labelled and tidy. I’m sure you’re all smiling in happy recognition of our work environment.

Language in the news

We’re back with videos and radio programs by and about interpreters, books translated and sometimes not distributed, and opinions about how new communication technologies are reshaping our gray matter.