Staff interpreters

Staff interpreters are temporary or permanent employees of national or international organisations.

Staff interpreters are salaried employees with regular income and their work is rich and varied—it is as diverse as the organizations represented on the Staff Interpreters Committee and in the list of major employers, which include international and regional organizations, international and national criminal courts and tribunals, and national organizations and institutions, among others governmental ministries, parliaments, the armed forces, and non-profit and for-profit entities.

The career paths of staff interpreters also vary widely. Some join their organizations early in their careers, while others don’t pursue a permanent position until later in life. Some staff interpreters spend their entire careers with one organization, while others may work for a number of years at one institution and then change employers for professional or personal reasons or decide to continue their careers as freelancers. While many staff interpreters are employed full-time, some choose to work part-time and concurrently pursue freelance work. Some positions include other responsibilities, such as translation or managing interpreting services.

AIIC publishes vacancies for staff interpreter positions regularly in its list of job announcements. Profiles of organisations provide an introduction to the institutions represented on the Staff Interpreters Committee and provide background information for those colleagues interested in working for these employers.

Please visit the staff interpreters section of this website for this and more information on the Staff Interpreters Committee, its activities and reports, as well as studies and documents on aspects of the interpreting profession.

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