Areas of work

AIIC activities and projects aim to help individual practitioners and the worldwide community of interpreters meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Industry sectors

From an industry sector approach, AIIC negotiates mutually binding agreements with international organisations, and closely follows developments on national, regional and global private markets.

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Projects & groups

From a professional association perspective, AIIC has committees, working groups and projects touching upon all aspects of interpreting, including:

  • Professional ethics and standards - for interpreters and consultant interpreters
  • Research - especially on working conditions and health
  • Training – guidelines for best practice, survey of schools, professional development courses for interpreters and trainers, and more
  • Staff Interpreters – matters of common concern to staff of national and international organisations
  • Integration into the profession – information aimed at easing the transition from student/newcomer to professional interpreter
  • Technical matters – standards for booth & sound equipment, and monitoring of new technologies that affect our profession
  • Legal & Court Interpreting –training and information sessions plus ongoing contact with stakeholders
  • Participation in the global community of interpreters – with specific projects like Interpreters in areas of conflict, groups such as the Sign Language Network, publications like the AIIC webzine and blog, and an active presence in the social media

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