Remote interpreting examples

Videoconference interpreting  (VCI)

  • Participants in a bankers’ meeting are at two different locations (e.g. in Paris and in Washington). The meeting is conducted in English and French.
  • The interpreters are at one of the meeting venues (e.g. in Paris)

Remote interpreting  (RI)

  • All participants meet in a single location (e.g. in a conference room in a hotel at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, where there are no interpreters). The meeting on hydropower production is conducted in 5 languages.
  • The interpreters are at a different location (e.g. in Vienna, where there are many interpreters).

Videoconference + Remote interpreting

  • Participants are at two or more locations (e.g. in a court room in Cairo and a prison in Ohio). They speak French, Arabic and English.
  • Interpreters are at a further location (e.g. in a court room in The Hague).

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