Consultant Interpreters: Key link to your language needs

You’re hosting a meeting and need the best language services available. That’s exactly what a consultant interpreter can help you find.

Organising a multilingual event of any size can be a daunting task. You know you’ll need interpreters, but where should you go to find professionals capable of performing to your expectations? You’ll be welcoming a diverse group of people from various cultural backgrounds; how can you assure that communication flows seamlessly and nothing is lost in translation? Here are a few tips to help you choose the right provider and make your meeting a success.

The role of the Consultant Interpreter

An Consultant Interpreter is more than an intermediary. As experienced international interpreters, they have first-hand experience of meeting dynamics, a full range of both technical and general subject areas, the need for adequate preparation and much more. Their extensive contacts within AIIC's global community of 3000+ interpreters and access to a database of members with multiple search functions means they can identify the best people for your event. In a word, they are professional communicators who specialise in recruiting and coordinating a team of interpreters with your specific needs in mind.

AIIC CONVERSATIONS: Consultant Interpreters

AIIC consultant Interpreters Garbiñe Sanz and Martine Bonadona provide further insight into what consultant interpreters do.

First contact

As the name implies, a Consultant Interpreter will advise you on all your language and technical requirements. To make the most of this service you should be ready to give them relevant information, including when and where the meeting will be held, languages to be used, subject matter and schedule. To learn more read about What your consultant interpreter needs to know.


A good relationship between you and your service provider  – the critical link between you and the team of interpreters - is of the essence. You want to be sure that you are dealing with someone that abides by the ethics of the profession and runs a sound business. AIIC Consultant Interpreters are committed to the association’s Best practice and Guidelines for Consultant Interpreters.

Finding the right one for you

The AIIC website makes finding a service provider easy by offering you a directory where you can search by services offered, world region, or name.  An advanced search function allows you to define your specific needs and then search by region.

Added value

Consultant Interpreters are specialized service providers and undergo a vetting process before being included in the directory. To offer a one-stop solution to all your language needs, they will:

  • Talk you through the options that are available for your event
  • Explain how to make the best use of interpreters' services
  • Recruit professionals from our international network of conference interpreters
  • Liaise between conference organisers, speakers, chairs and interpreters before and during the event
  • Advise on interpretation equipment

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