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Webinar series : Un puente entre las generaciones

Lo que debe saber un intérprete sobre declaraciones juradas en México


Elena de la Rosa

Declaraciones juradas


Laura Eastment

El laberinto de los estados financieros


Luz María Santamaría

Webinar Archive

Interpreting Research Webinars

The making of a skilled interpreter: What we know about expertise development in interpreting


Minhua Liu, at the Monterey Institute, California & online

What use is theory in interpreter training?


Robin Setton, at ESIT, Paris & online

AIIC Retour Talks


Chris de Fortis at NATO HQ, Brussels

AIIC Retour Talks

10.01.2011 Clare Donovan, ESIT, at ESIT, Paris

Retour language enhancement


Andrew Gillies, organised by AIIC Portugal, at Lisbon University

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