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Interpreter's booth

Confessions of a conference interpreter

I would love to start this article with the words “Hi, my name’s Michelle and I’m a conference interpreter,” but I’m afraid that would prompt readers to want to start patting me on the back consolingly and proffering tissues. Although, come to think of it, maybe adopting a “True Confessions” tone in this article is not such a bad idea, since it would fit quite nicely with the topic I plan to address: professional identity as seen by a conference interpreter.

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Une mutation réussie

Il est arrivé que des ambassadeurs deviennent interprètes de conférence, mais l'inverse est plus rare. En tout cas dans le système français des concours une telle mutation est inédite. C'est pourtant la prouesse réalisée par notre collègue Nada Yafi (Arabe A, Français A, Anglais B).

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Life coaching: an interpreter’s experience

In addition to my freelance interpreting career of more than twenty years, for some years now I have also been working as a personal coach.  I wanted to make changes to my life, and had some coaching.  Immediately, I was a believer!  I then trained as a coach myself.  It's a fascinating activity, in some ways similar to interpreting, and yet very different.

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