Event management checklists

A successful multilingual meeting involves many people in different roles. You may want to help them excel at their job. Here are the checklists and tip sheets produced by AIIC for different target audiences.

You, as an organiser, will find tips on how to brief the interpreters. You will also find specific pointers regarding

  • telephone interpreting
  • webcast interpreting
  • videoconference interpreting

Speakers get some tips on how best to prepare and deliver presentations.

Chairs and moderators have a few pointers on chairing for effective communication.

Facility managers get some hints as well.

Sound technicians get some specifications concerning simultaneous interpretation.

Architects are not usually involved in the organisation of a specific meeting, but their design choices for convention centres can be crucial.

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AIIC. "Event management checklists". aiic.net November 28, 2011. Accessed July 12, 2020. <http://aiic.net/p/4027>.