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Training of trainers

A tale of two pictures: an AIIC training of trainers seminar

A teacher introducing consecutive interpreting grapples with the question of how to help students see the big picture, even while identifying lexical-grammatical elements as they listen and take notes. AIIC’s workshop "Teaching consecutive interpreting: the first six months" broadened the frame of reference to imprint a lasting image of how to confront the challenge.

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The future of conference interpreting: training, technology and research

On June 30th and July 1st of this year the University of Westminster hosted a conference: the Future of Conference Interpreting: Training, Technology and Research.  It was an event that took careful planning and involved lots of people and institutions, including an organising committee [i], the University's Marketing, Events and Press Officers as well as our technician, Barry Sims, so I am pleased to report that it was an unqualified success.

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Conference interpreter training programmes: 2005 survey

Every three years the AIIC Training Committee (AIIC/TC) conducts a global survey of Conference Interpreter (CI) training programmes. In the spring of 2004, 178 schools worldwide were invited to complete an online questionnaire on the AIIC website. The original deadline was extended to December 2004 to allow ample time to reply. This report is based on the 48 completed questionnaires submitted.

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