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Interprètes permanents


AIIC staff interpreters meet in Africa

For the first time in its history, the AIIC Staff Interpreters’ Committee held its annual meeting on the African continent. In September 2011, superb hosts at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda welcomed a large group of staff and freelance interpreters, including delegates from over ten organisations, to two days of productive meetings in Arusha, Tanzania. The theme of this year’s session was training. Opportunities and initiatives in member organisations were highlighted, and guest speaker Jibola Sofolahan provided an overview of activities on the African continent.

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Overview of organisations - 2010

Growing by leaps and bounds: the Staff Interpreters’ Committee extends its reach. The AIIC Staff Interpreters’ Committee annual meeting was marked by record-breaking attendance with strong participation of new members and freelance observers. Discussions in Brussels ranged from the need for solidarity with interpreters in conflict zones to the desire for better governance and communication across our professional association.

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Overview of organisations: 2008

Staff interpreters were prominent among the founders of AIIC and continue to be essential to our association. The AIIC Staff Interpreters' Committee meets annually and tracks changes inside organisations to keep all informed.

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Tour d’horizon des organisations 2007

Les interprètes permanents jouent un rôle crucial dans notre profession. Les organisations internationales évoluent et le Commission des Permanents de l'AIIC suit de près ces changements. Une fois de plus, ils font le point pour nous sur la situation au sein de ces gros employeurs que sont les institutions.

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