Best practice for consultant interpreters

Business practice

The parties involved in the process of recruiting conference interpreters are: the conference organiser, the consultant interpreter and the individual interpreters recruited.

Consultant interpreters enjoy a unique relationship with the conference organiser and are the link between him and the team of interpreters they recruit. As such they must maintain the highest standards of professionalism.

A consultant interpreter may act individually or as a member of a group of AIIC interpreters.

Consultant interpreters shall meet the conditions listed in the application form, ensure transparency at all times, maintain a professional and courteous relationship with clients and colleagues and project a positive image of AIIC and the interpreting profession.

Code of Conduct

When acting as the liaison between the conference organiser and the recruited interpreters, consultant interpreters agree to respect:

When entrusted by the conference organiser to take on the contractual and financial responsibility for recruitment of interpreters, consultant interpreters shall respect the provisions governing PCOs in Article 2a) of Annex 2 to the Standards.

Members of AIIC acting as consultant interpreters shall abide by the following guidelines:

  • Prior to an assignment, consultant interpreters are to clarify all aspects of their contractual relationship with the client and the recruited interpreters in writing unless exceptional circumstances apply. They shall abide by the agreed terms.
  • Members of the Association who recruit other colleagues for an assignment shall clarify the contractual basis on which the interpreters have been hired. They shall ensure transparency of all arrangements pertaining to the assignment.
  • Whenever a consultant interpreter is approached by an organisation with which AIIC has an Agreement, he/she will refrain from acting in a way that would prevent the full implementation of the Agreement concerned.
  • Consultant interpreters shall be bound by the strictest secrecy, which must be observed towards all persons and with regard to all information disclosed in the course of the practice of the profession as consultant interpreter or interpreter at any gathering not open to the public.

References and credentials must always be genuine:

  • Consultant interpreters shall provide references from previous clients only if they are prepared to disclose the referee's contact details.
  • When bidding for a contract, consultant interpreters may rely on the professional credentials of another interpreter only with that person's agreement and only if they intend to recruit that interpreter for the meeting in question.

Advertising and other public statements:

  • Commercial promotion or publicity shall be honest, decent and truthful.
  • Members of the Association who engage others to create or place public statements promoting their professional services are responsible for such statements.
  • Members of the Association shall make reasonable efforts to prevent others over whom they have no control (such as clients, conference organisers, providers of translation and interpretation services and representatives of the media) from making deceptive or misleading statements concerning AIIC or its members. If members of the Association learn of such statements, they are to make reasonable efforts to correct them and must notify the Association.
  • When advertising their services, members of the Association shall not make misleading statements regarding their credentials, competence, experience or professional capabilities. Under no circumstances may such publicity denigrate the professional qualities or reputation of other conference interpreters, be they AIIC members or not.

Recommended citation format:
Consultant Interpreters Working Group. "Best practice for consultant interpreters". April 26, 2005. Accessed June 2, 2020. <>.

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