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Simultaneous interpretation without a booth (bidule) is a practice to be avoided because of the inherent difficulty - even at best - in producing the requisite high quality of interpretation. In exceptional cases, where such practice is unavoidable, ALL the criteria laid down must be met, namely:

  • exceptional circumstances: visits to factories, hospitals and similar establishments or remote field visits
  • short meetings (e.g. 2 hours)
  • limited number of participants (e.g. a dozen)
  • two-way equipment (i.e. 2 transmission channels and one from interpreters to participants, the other from speakers' microphones (essential) to interpreters' earphones
  • compliance of such equipment with IEC914 standard.

In any case, the equipment should be under qualified technical supervision.

Members are reminded that this is not consecutive but a form of simultaneous interpretation and, as such, requires the same manning strengths.

January 1991
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Aymil Dogan


I am about to submit an infrastructure project to my University and I would like to know more about this bidule. Could you please tell me an address I can contact for it? We may order one, if not for interpreting but perhaps for training and research purposes as a supplement to our fully equipped interpreting laboratory.

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Reconnaissante pour ces précisions, je suis quelque peu étonnée de la mention de casques pour l'interprète. Pendant les rares occasions où j'ai eu la malchance d'utiliser cet équipement, c'est justement l'absence de casques pourl'interprète qui fait horreur et qui est extrêmement fatigante. N'est-ce pas cela la définition même du bidule?

Eva Bonnard

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