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Refresher course for AIIC interpreters with Portuguese-C

30, 31 July, 01, 02, 03 August 2003 in São Paulo, Brazil Organised and delivered by EIC- Escritório de Intérpretes de Conferência, São Paulo (SP) Brasil, at the request of the Private Market Sector of AIIC

Refresher Course in Passive Portuguese (PP) (Proposed Schedule)

Wednesday 30 July 2003 Simone M. Troula (EIC)
  • International Politics
  • Economics
  • International Trade


10:00 – 11:15
(coffee break)
11:30 – 13:00
(lunch at the Blue Tree Morumbi)
14:30 – 15:45
(coffee break)
16:00 – 17:30
Thursday 31 July 2003 Walter Estella (EIC)
  • Medicine
  • Telecom/Computers
  • Business
Concert Hall
( if confirmed, transport will be provided)
Friday 1st August 2003 Stella Meyer (EIC)
Silvia Camilo (Portugal)
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Advertising
  • Faux Amis

Theatre Play in Portuguese

(transport will be provided.)

Coaches (will coach participants in their booths) : Andrea Fairman, Carola Junqueira, Clary Khalifeh, Ingrid Orglmeister, Irina Zablith, Marialice Marechal, Maria Luiza Fernandes, Maria Teresa Lindsey, Teresa Sayeg, Tone Sguizardi (partners of the EIC)


Saturday 2nd August 2003

Several offices belonging to AIIC members will be invited to present their structure and marketing methods, to give participants a general view as to how different groups carry out their marketing, sales and negotiating activities. APIC (Associação Profissional de Intérpretes de Conferência, founded in São Paulo in 1971) will present its organisation, with a general discussion on the role of local professional associations. Other forms of organisation will be looked at, including a presentation from Congrestolken, from the Netherlands, on its co-operative structure. A guest speaker will give a keynote address on niche marketing and sales. Issues concerning organisers’ liability might also be touched upon.

Evening: Dinner reception, hosted by an EIC partner (transport will be provided)

Hours: same as above.

Sunday 3rd August 2003

EIC – Escritório de Intérpretes de Conferência will present its structure, policies, statistics, business procedures and marketing material. The speakers will be EIC partners to be appointed. Q & A . Identification of business tools and best practices. General conclusions. Closing.

The procedures of the sales & marketing seminar can be made into a handbook to be available online.

Farewell Lunch at a Brazilian Barbecue Restaurant. (transport provided)

Hours: 10:00 to 13:00

Enrolment fee

Cost: US$ 200,00 per participant.

Fee includes tuition, materials, coffee breaks, lunch Wednesday to Saturday at the hotel, including the barbecue restaurant on Sunday, tickets to the Concert Hall and to the Theatre Play (in Portuguese...), transport to all activities outside of the hotel.

The above fee reflects only part of the cost, thanks to subsidies contributed by the EIC and by AIIC.

Participants will take care of their own dinners (except for Saturday). The hotel is located across the road from 2 excellent Shopping Malls where they can find restaurants, food courts, cinemas, department stores, bookstores, shops, chemist shops, etc.

Hotel rates

US$ 46,00 (+10%) per night, single rooms, breakfast included
US$ 50,00 (+10%) per night, double rooms, breakfast included

The above hotel rates were extra-specially-reduced to welcome our Course. The Blue Tree Morumbi Hotel is ideally located, new, very comfortable and especially designed to host events.

Number of participants and deadline

This course will take place for a minimum of 20 participants. AIIC members interested in participating please indicate so to BEFORE 20 MARCH, please.

We shall come back to you at a later date with instructions and a dateline for enrollment.

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