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AIIC-EU negotiating delegation report

As announced at information meetings held in Strasbourg and Brussels, the AIIC negotiating Delegation (accompanied by representatives of the Professional Delegations at the Commission, the European Parliament and in Luxembourg) met the Institutions for consultations on 17 March 2003. A preparatory technical meeting on insurance had been held on 20 Feb. 2003. The agenda items were the policy endorsement signed by the Commission for the mandatory insurance with Willis, and inter-institutional co-operation.

1. Insurance

As you know, the Delegation learned only by chance that the Commission had signed an endorsement for our insurance policy. This endorsement considerably reduced the cover provided (cover refused on the last day of a contract). The Delegation opened by formally protesting the absence of information and transparency, since at no time was it officially informed that this endorsement had been agreed, and then mentioned the many problems of substance with the new text. As it is in the interests of all parties that a solution be found as soon as possible, the Institutions proposed to bring forward the policy expiry date by one year (to 1 March 2004), and to have a new call for tender mid-2003. It would appear to be difficult to suspend the endorsement without suspending the policy, however the Commission’s Legal Service has been consulted. The latter’s opinion should be available within a few weeks, and then the SCIC (the assured) wants to meet the insurer as soon as possible. That meeting, on the endorsement will take place on 26 March, and an information meeting with the Delegation is planned immediately afterwards. Pending a solution, the Negotiating Delegation proposed that the Commission meet the costs arising in any cases refused by the insurer. The legal Service will have to be consulted.

2. Inter-institutional co-operation

At the request of the General Secretaries, a working-group has been looking into possible savings that might result from increased co-operation between language services. Several aspects have been explored ;

  • pooling ACI lists : merging the different institutions’ lists, leading to a common core of approved interpreters with each recruiter free to draw on this joint list as he sees fit,
  • joint selection procedures : organising joint tests and competitive examinations, with one quality control body for subsequent assessment,
  • joint resources management : possible exchanges of interpreters and meeting rooms, depending on availability,
  • simplifying administrative procedures for paying ACI : setting up a single payments structure for all payments, irrespective of the Institution for which the ACI has worked (this would be purely administrative and should not affect the time taken for payments to be made).

Regarding Luxembourg, the Institutions assured us that for the moment the question does not arise, and that things will continue to be managed as in the past. The joint list will not therefore mean any changes.

In response to the many questions of detail asked by the Delegation, the Institutions said that at this stage, only the objective of the exercise is clear : from January 2004 the Secretaries-General want to have a more efficient system which provides greater freedom of manoeuvre. Specific procedural issues are still being examined. Once the Institutions have more precise details, they will convene an information meeting with the Delegation.

The Delegation will keep you informed of progress on both matters. We are also happy to try and answer any questions you might have.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite candidates to come forward :

  • for the Negotiating Delegation : we are planning a sectorial meeting in June to hold elections. Please notify Anne Thoen of candidacies by end of May 2003.
  • for the Professional Delegation at the European Parliament : elections to be held in April 2003 in Strasbourg. Contact Veronica Nordberg.

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