What is my aiic.net?

My aiic.net is a user registration system that helps you keep track of content and services on the AIIC website and provides an enhanced browsing experience based on your interests and language profile.

Why does aiic.net have user registration?

The AIIC website offers user registration for editorial and Association policy reasons.

Editorially it helps us gain an understanding of who our users are, what they are looking for and what languages they read, so that we can tailor content to them. Also, it enables AIIC to identify new constituencies, take them into account when formulating policy, and thus serve them better.

The data we collect is processed and used internally only and is never shared with or sold to third parties. For more information, read our Privacy Policy.

Will I be able to control my personal data after registering?

Yes. You can access and edit your personal data at any time.

Who can register?

Anyone can. Please read our Terms of Use.

How much does it cost?

The service is absolutely free of charge.

What do I get from registering?

You will be gaining access to personalised services, including:

  • A personal bookmark manager
  • A personal mailing list subscription manager
  • Various content alert services

Registering will also make your browsing experience user-friendlier. You will get:

  • Content served preferentially in the language(s) you read, whenever available.
  • Quick access to content posted since your last visit
  • A selection of stories that best match your profile
  • Improved access to AIIC groups and committees that are especially relevant to your profile, with pointers to contact persons in your area.

Other services will be added in the course of time.

How do I register?

Choose the profile that best describes who you are, and answer some questions. Upon submitting the form, you will be emailed a provisional password to complete your first log-in.

Does my aiic.net use cookies?

We use cookies to uniquely identify your browser when you log in and provide access to your personal pages on aiic.net

What if I have forgotten my username/password?

Click here to request a reminder by email. Please note that username/password reminders can only be sent to the email address associated with your record on aiic.net. So always having an up-to-date email address on aiic.net is essential.

What does the ‘Remember Me’ checkbox do?

Checking ‘Remember Me’ when you log in stores a permanent cookie on your computer and will log you in automatically when you revisit the website.

If you log in without checking the ‘Remember me’ option, you will be logged out automatically after a period of inactivity of 30 minutes, or whenever you close your browser.

Please note that the ‘Remember Me’ option should not be used if you are accessing the site from a public computer.

Why do I need to log out?

When you log out, you ensure that your personal details cannot be accessed by other people who use the same computer. This is especially important if you are using a public computer.

Who can I contact if I am still having difficulties?

If you have any further queries e-mail us at support@tw1gbvyqg.aiic.net

Recommended citation format:
AIIC. "What is my aiic.net?". aiic.net April 18, 2003. Accessed April 4, 2020. <http://aiic.net/p/1107>.

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