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Residential Italian refresher course for interpreters

Residential Italian Refresher Courses for Interpreters are being organised by Marilena FOLADORE (AIIC Freelance Interpreter and member of CRIC – “Consorzio Romano Interpreti di Conferenza”), in her country-house in Bassano Romano (Viterbo Province), 50 km from Rome.

The Course will be held for 6 days (from Monday to Saturday), morning and afternoon, during the Easter holidays, and will be repeated during the Summer holidays.

Occasional 3-day Training Courses in Simultaneous Interpretation will also be organised throughout the year, preferably over weekends.

Bed & Breakfast  will be provided at the country-house and participants may stay on, after the Course, for a holiday, if they wish.

More details, with pictures, may be found in our Web Site, which is now being updated: in fact, we hav e already held 3 different versions of the Course (Summer 2002, Easter 2003 and the third one will be held in August 2003).

Any further information on the Programme, with a list of daily presentations, and any other detail on accomodation and optional activities may be requested at my e-mail address.

Marilena Foladore
Località Pianamola
IT-01030 Bassano romano, Italy
Tel./fax: +39-07-61 63 47 98
GSM: +39-329 412 34 99

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