Videoconferencing glossary

Videoconference (English)

A multilingual conference in which the interpreters and some of the delegates are located at one place, while other delegates are located at one or more different sites. Audio and visual signals are transmitted between all the sites.

Remote conferencing (English)

Interpretation of a multilingual conference by interpreters who are located at the different site from the speakers and their audience.

Multilingual videoconference

A videoconference in two or more languages with interpretation (consecutive or simultaneous).

ATM: Asynchronous Transfer Mode

Broadband transmission via optical fibre. The optical-fibre network in Europe is being extended, but presently covers only a small part of the continent.

ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network (English)
RNIS : Réseau numérique à intégration de services (French)

An improved copper cable telephone line used for data transmission but not capable of providing the full range of sound required by ISO Standard 2603.

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