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Encounter with the AIIC/UN negotiating delegation

Place: UN Headquarters in New York Date & Time: 4 May from 13:15 to 14:45 

Dear colleagues,

The AIIC negotiating delegation for the UN sector will be in New York City this coming 4th and 5th of May to take part in a local sectoral assembly at UN Headquarters and meet with local colleagues. This is very much of a première since never before has such a meeting been organised. In response to the wish voiced by members of the Americas sector and the previous negociating delegation, this meeting reflects the resolve of the delegation elected by the world sectoral assembly on 8 November 2003 to hold consultations with colleagues around the world on the broadest possible base. The world sectoral assemblies ordinarily take place in Geneva, the city where the actual negotiations are held. The negotiating delegation decided to go to New York because that is where the UN has its headquarters and where people make the decisions which forge policy for the UN system at large. It must not be forgotten that out of all the sectors with which AIIC negotiates agreements, the UN is the only worldwide one; hence the complex nature of what is at stake during negotiations and the difficulties inherent in comprehensive consultations. And yet such consultations constitute the grounds for the delegation’s firm intention to do all it can in order to be the faithful representative of common interests when speaking on behalf of all colleagues working in the UN sector.

The current agreement between AIIC and the UN system is scheduled to be renegotiated in the spring of 2005. In order to prepare for that endeavor in the best and most complete way possible, the delegation wants to hear what you have to say. Whether a member of AIIC or not, a freelance or staff interpreter, you are concerned and involved. The agreement negotiated by AIIC applies to all freelance interpreters recruited by UN organisations as such and the working conditions stipulated therein are closely linked to those of staff interpreters. Don’t miss or pass up this occasion to get to know your colleagues on the negotiating delegation, have an intense and constructive discussion with them and let your voice be heard. Remember, the sole purpose of all this is to defend the common interests of our profession, to defend and promote the working conditions and remuneration of interpreters all over the world.  

Come one and all!

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