Bibliography on interpretation

Acknowledgements (1996 edition)

The CIRIN BULLETIN was an important and highly appreciated source of titles for this bibliography.

We are grateful to Claus Cartellieri, Masaomi Kondo and Mike Schlesinger for proof-reading and correcting parts of the draft.

The computer programmes used to print and distribute this bibliography were chosen for wide accessiblity rather than for multi-lingual skills, unfortunatley some accents in Czech and Slovak names and titles were therefore lost in the conversion.

Romanized titles are reproduced as they appeared in their sources, no attempt was made to use a standardised method of romanization.

Foreword to the 1999 edition

Research in conference interpreting has been considerably growing over the past few years. New magazines have been launched, an increasing number of conferences held and even new training institutes set up. This tendency is reflected in an increase in the number of publications dealing with conference interpreting.

The aim of this updated version of the AIIC bibliography was not to give a comprehensive account of the publications in this field, which would merely be a duplication of the bibliographic work done by the researchers collaborating in the IRN BULLETIN, but instead to provide interested interpreters with a document that offers them a systematic overview of the most important and influential publications in their field. Because accessibility was another criterion, unpublished master theses and doctoral dissertations as well as contributions written in less widely used languages, however interesting they may be, have not been considered.

The IRN BULLETIN, the bibliographic updates published in the Interpreters' Newsletter and the recently launched Translation Studies Abstracts, which offers several abstract categories on interpreting, have been helpful sources.

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