Resources for planners, designers and builders of conference facilities

A special section for all persons involved in designing conference facilities, whether a dedicated conference centre or a conference room in a hotel or other multipurpose building.

The main reference is ISO Standard 2603:1998 for built-in simultaneous interpretation booths which contains the requirements for booths and equipment.

But there are other important details that are important to bear in mind from the start, which can mean the difference between well-designed booths that will make it easier for interpreters to do their job and ensure a pleasant, fruitful experience for conference participants, and poor design that can lead to frustration when it may be too late to alter anything.

These pages contain a few design pointers, based on ISO 2603 plus some additional details drawn from interpreters' experience. References to relevant paragraphs in the standard are shown in parentheses after the item.

Preliminary questions: Things to know before starting the design work and how do SI booths fit into the design of a conference hall.

Booth interior.

Equipment: The sound system and the interpreter's control panel.

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