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Report from the AIIC-EU negotiating delegation, May 2004

Report from the AIIC-EU negotiating delegation on ongoing files

Joint availability calendar

In our report in March we informed you of the Institutions’ intention to have a single data-base containing ACI data, and to have a single web-based availability calendar.  Following further consultation, it has now been agreed that instead of a single calendar where the ACI’s offers of availability to a given Institution would be visible to all three, the offers of availability will be visible only to the Institutions to which they are made.  However, firm contracts with each of the Institutions will, as soon as they are agreed, be visible to all three.  The ACI will also be able to indicate non-availability.

In practice, the ACI should see three separate calendars for a given month on the screen simultaneously, one for each Institution.  Offers of availability can be made for the Institution, location and dates chosen by the ACI.  Each Institution, however, will see only the calendar with the offers of availability, indications of non-availability and options concerning itself.  As contracts are agreed with the other Institutions, these will appear on each Institution’s screen.

The Administration will be e-mailing or, if no e-mail address is known, writing to each ACI, about the joint data-base, the availability calendars, and the joint list, probably before the end of May.  There will be a diagram attached, showing how the joint web calendar system will work, and a personal data protection declaration.  These texts have been agreed with the Delegation.  Attached also will be a sheet containing some of the information the Institutions propose to store in the joint data-base.  The ACI will be asked to confirm the accuracy of this information.  If you wish to work for the Institutions in future, it is essential that you return this data sheet, amended if necessary, and signed.

Daily allowance

Full details of the new scale of daily allowances in each EU country are now available on the ACI page of SCICNet.

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