Job offer checklist for beginners

Be prepared to ask the following questions when offered work, especially if the contact is unknown to you:

  • Date and venue of the event;
  • Language regime for the event and your working (passive and active) languages for the assignment;
  • Subject matter, whether meeting documents will be supplied and how long in advance;
  • Name and details of the conference organiser;
  • Name of team members, booth-mates, and team leader;
  • Inclusion of beginners on the team;
  • Interpretation mode (simultaneous, consecutive);
  • Special assignments, like dinner-time consecutive, field trips, etc.;
  • Non-standard SI equipment or non-ISO compliant booths;
  • Detailed conference schedule;
  • Fees and expenses, other allowances, cancellation clause, accommodation and travel arrangements, etc;
  • Status of the job offer (enquiry, option, firm offer) and when you can expect the job to be firmed up.

Some of these questions may be answered as soon as the option request is made. Others will be clarified in due course.

If and when the job offer is confirmed, it is common practise to have an individual contract signed between you and the conference organiser.

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