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Report from the AIIC-EU negotiation delegation, March 2005

Report from the AIIC-EU negotiating delegation on ongoing files

The Delegation held an information meeting in Brussels on 15 March 2005, and reported on the following items:

1. Quick calendar

Having raised this matter at a consultation meeting with the Commission Administration at Director-General level on 16 February, the Delegation subsequently attended two technical working group meetings with DG SCIC.  At these meetings the Delegation again tabled the proposal originally made in Spring 2004, to model the last-minute recruitment arrangements on those for long- and medium-term recruitment, with contracts proposed, and ACI required to accept or turn down the contract, within a tightly defined time period on day D-1.  The advantage of this would be that contracts were properly agreed, while still permitting the overall saving on recruitment the Administration makes by fine-tuning numbers recruited at a late stage.  No agreement was reached in the working group, and the Delegation has submitted its detailed proposal to the Director-General in writing, with its response to the figures supplied by the Administration.

2. Insurance

The Delegation enjoyed excellent cooperation with the Administration throughout the tendering procedure launched by the Commission for the mandatory insurance under contracts with the EU Institutions.  The tender has resulted in the insurance contract being awarded to Vanbreda (brokers) as of 1 March 2005, AGF being the insurer and AIG Europe the re-insurer.  Replying to questions, the Delegation said a meeting had been arranged in April between Vanbreda and the AIIC insurance group to explore the possibility of Vanbreda offering a policy for optional complementary cover for days when an interpreter is not under contract to an EU Institution.  

3. Flat-rate travel allowance

It would appear that from January 2005 the payments office (centralised in DG SCIC, handling payments for contracts with all the recruiting Institutions) no longer pays the flat-rate travel allowance when an interpreter whose professional domicile is away from the place of assignment has to travel on the eve of the first day of the assignment if the ACI was under contract to ANOTHER Institution on that day. Colleagues are advised to copy to the delegation any correspondence they have with the Administration on this.

4. Payments

Since the delays in payments became apparent in January, all three Professional Delegations and the Negotiating Delegation repeatedly made representations to the Administrations stressing the need to remedy the situation.  The matter was also raised by the Negotiating Delegation at the consultation meeting on 16 February.  Though the situation has now improved the Delegation has written to the Administration emphasising that there should be no recurrence.

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