Directory of AIIC consultant interpreters

A consultant interpreter is just what you need to help you avoid the pitfalls when hiring professional interpreters.

In some places, groups of AIIC interpreters have set up a joint business structure (e.g. a partnership, an association, a cooperative or a limited company) to organise services for their clients. AIIC consultant interpreters, whether operating individually or within a group structure, will follow the same principles in meeting your interpreting needs.

More specifically, your individual or group-affiliated CI will be able to do the following for you:

  • Advise on the composition of the interpretation team, on the basis of the languages to be used at the conference
  • Talk you through the options that are available for your meeting
  • Explain how to make the best use of interpreters’ services
  • Provide a quotation for the service
  • Recruit interpreters from our international network of conference interpreters
  • Prepare interpreters’ contracts
  • Handle conference documents to be forwarded to interpreters
  • Liaise between conference organisers, speakers, chairs and interpreters before and during the meeting
  • Advise on interpretation equipment
  • Handle invoicing as appropriate

In this section you will find a list of individual consultant interpreters and CI groups. Its purpose is to help potential clients find and recruit professional interpreters using the specialised services of consultant interpreters. It is not an exhaustive inventory; any member of AIIC may apply to have his/her name published here.

The consultant interpreters and interpreter groups listed here by region are able and ready to provide you with the expert support you need. They are all members of AIIC and undertake to meet the Association’s exacting professional and ethical standards; they have a proven track record in recruitment and the office infrastructure to respond rapidly to any request.

AIIC is not a commercial organisation;  the purpose of this page is simply to facilitate contacts between clients who require interpreters and consultant interpreters who can provide the service.

While every endeavour is made to assess the professional standards of the interpreters on this list, AIIC is not liable for any dispute which may arise between consultant interpreters or conference interpreters and their clients. Any contractual relationship resulting from the use of this list will be with the individual consultant interpreter or group structure, not with AIIC.

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