Getting started

Make your first steps with VEGA, a world-wide network of professional conference interpreters dedicated to helping budding and junior interpreters.

Budding Interpreters:

If you have already chosen a career in interpreting and want to know more, don't miss our list of frequently asked questions. And if you're just curious about the profession, see for yourself what a day in the life of a conference interpreter looks like.


If you are just getting started in the profession, our tips for beginners are a must read. Initially, you'll often wonder whether to accept an interpreting assignment or not. Turn to our job offer checklist for advice. Before reporting to your booth for the first time, read up on booth manners. And after your first conference, take a break and think about how to manage your interpreting career over the long-term.


AIIC is an inclusive and representative professional body. Though not all conference interpreters are members of the Association, banding together in a world-wide association of staff and freelance interpreters merits serious consideration. Here's why.

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