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Report from the AIIC-EU negotiation delegation, June 2005

Report from the AIIC-EU negotiating delegation on ongoing files

The Delegation organised an information meeting in Brussels on 30 May 2005.

The summary report below covers the information provided, with updates.

  1. Quick calendar: Since the consultation meeting with the Director-General on this subject on 16.2.2005, two meetings of a working group have been held.  At these meetings the Administration explained its short-term recruitment needs, and the Delegation tabled an alternative method to the Quick calendar, which it felt would accommodate those needs while ensuring the ACI is properly recruited under contract.  This proposal has been rejected by the Administration as failing to provide a sufficient guarantee of the ACI’s availability. The Delegation has now requested a further consultation meeting on the issue, and is preparing its legal arguments.  The Delegation would like to thank colleagues for the support expressed at the meeting, and for their ongoing support in this matter.
  2. Delays in payment:  Following the message posted on the ACI page of SCICNet on 18.5.2005 about delays in payments, the Delegation has written to the Director-General saying that the prospect of having to wait until September for all the problems to be ironed out is totally unacceptable.  It has proposed that this item be added to the agenda of the consultation meeting it has requested, and will also raise the question of transfers of contributions to pension funds without beneficiary details and the practice of requiring supporting documentary proof for travel by car.
  3. Classification criteria: The Delegation was not consulted about the criteria for classifying an ACI as experienced or a beginner, published recently on SCICNet, nor about the decision on retroactive reclassification.  It has written to the Administration, raising several issues in connection with the decision.
  4. Flat-rate travel allowance: On the day of the information meeting, the Delegation had not yet received a reply to its letter to the Director-General about the practice of no longer paying the flat-rate travel allowance if, in the evening of a day under contract to one Institution in the place of professional domicile, an ACI has to travel to a different place of assignment for a contract with another Institution the following day.  A reply has since been received, turning down the Delegation’s request that the practice be stopped.  This raises a difference of interpretation of the relevant article of the Agreement, and will be pursued.
  5. Van Breda supplementary insurance: Though it had been hoped that further developments could be reported, the Delegation informed colleagues that there had been no response yet from Van Breda following the AIIC Insurance Group’s rejection of the company’s first proposal to provide cover for days not under contract to one of the Institutions.  Reasons for rejecting it included the cost and the excess period before the cover kicked in.
  6. SCIC Away day:  Following suggestions from several colleagues, the Delegation has written to the Director-General expressing its surprise that representatives of ACI, who do c.50% of the interpreting provided by the DG, were not invited to the event on 27.5.2005, especially given the subjects to be discussed.  
  7. Long-term recruitment by SCIC:  When the criteria for the recent long-term recruitment exercise were made known, the Professional Delegation made representations about the three-consecutive-days-availability blocks required from locally-domiciled ACI.  While the Administration felt it could not routinely waive this requirement, an assurance was given that proposals would, whenever possible, also be in blocks of days.  The Professional Delegation will include this aspect when it reviews the latest long-term exercise at a forthcoming meeting with the Administration.

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