Introducing AITC

AITC (The International Association of Conference Translators), founded in 1962, is the professional association representing translators, precis-writers, revisers and editors working on a temporary or permanent basis for international organisations or conferences.

The Association currently has some 450 members. A minimum of 300 contract days spent working in international organisations is required for membership. For the most part, employers are the United Nations and the coordinated organisations, as well as other intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations.

Freelance translators, précis-writers and editors enjoy working conditions similar to permanents. Professional requirements are, in addition to a thorough knowledge of the languages translated, a rigorous approach, precision, a wide cultural background, complete mastery of the mother tongue and the ability to work both alone and as part of a team and, if necessary, to short deadlines.

AITC publishes a Directory which is distributed to members of the Association and their principal employers. Since 1998, the Directory has also been available on the Association's website. A Bulletin and an Information Letter are issued periodically. The AITC website consists of a public part (comprising The Directory and general background on the Association) and a section for members only (containing vacancy notices, comments and advice on terminology databases, links to other useful web sites, activities of the Association's committees, etc.). Through the « Electonic Forum », members exchange information on various matters of interest to them (including Association activities, terminology, job offers, housing).

Thirty, years ago, the AITC and the International Association of conference Interpreters (AIIC) created the Joint Pension Fund for Conference Interpreters and Translators (CPIT), an entity established under Swiss law and administered by Swiss actuaries and banks.

For further information, visit our website or contact:

AITC - International Association of Conference Translators

15 route des Morillons

CH-1218 Geneva


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