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CCAQ offer officially confirmed

9 May 2000 -- The CCAQ has officially confirmed on Monday 8 May the offer it submitted orally to the AIIC Delegation on 18 April, during the negotiations. Here are the main elements

1. The revised daily rates proposed by the CCAQ are as follows:

Americas :

US$ 380

(+7.04% compared to the previous rate of US$ 355)

Austria :

S 4875

(+4.72% compared to the previous rate of S 4655)

France :

FF 2060

(+3.05% compared to the previous rate of FF 1999)


Lit 636 000

(+7.85% compared to the previous rate of Lit 589 700)

Switzerland :

SwF 615

(+3.01% compared to the previous rate of SwF 597)

United Kingdom :

£ 206

(+6.95% compared to the previous rate of £ 192.60)

World rate: 90% of the Americas rate, i.e. US$ 342 (unchanged compared to the present rate, but different mode of calculation).

The above increase in rates (average across the board: 5.43%) includes the full increase in cost of living in each duty station since August 1998, when the indexation mechanism was restarted, plus about one half of the movement in cost of living registered during the freeze (since 1995).

2. According to the CCAQ proposal, all cost-of-living indexes would be reset at 100 as of 1 January 2000; the trigger for the adjustment mechanism would from now on be a 3 per cent movement at each duty station (instead of 5 per cent under the former agreement).

3. If approved by AIIC, these rates would enter into force retroactively as of 1st May 2000.

4. The working conditions (workload) would remain unchanged.

5. The social security component would remain at the present level, i.e. 9%.

6. The organisations have agreed to include in the Agreement a footnote on trade union guarantees for members of professional delegations and of the negotiating delegation.

7. The new agreement would be valid, as in the past, for a period of five years, i.e. from 1 May 2000 to 30 April 2005. In the event that a new Agreement could not be concluded before the expiry date, it may be extended for a fixed period of time, to be agreed upon by the parties.

A number of other points of the AIIC Delegation's mandate (professional domicile, loss-of-earnings insurance, teleconferencing, etc.) will be reflected in the record of the negotiations.

A World Sectoral meeting will take place on Sunday 28 May in Geneva, in order for the members to take a stand on this proposal, which has therefore been officially confirmed by the CCAQ, but not yet accepted by AIIC. The World Sectoral meeting is the body that has to rule on this proposal, subject to confirmation by the AIIC Council. For the time being, therefore, the rates mentioned above are not yet approved. If accepted by AIIC, they would come into force retroactively as of 1st May 2000.

Since the CCAQ has now officially submitted its proposal, the AIIC/CCAQ Negotiating Delegation proposes to lift provisionally the measures that entered into force on the 1st of April. However, the World Sectoral is the only body that can take a final decision on this matter.

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