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Report from the AIIC-EU negotiation delegation, december 2005

Given what Commissioner Figel’ said about reviewing the Agreement on working conditions and financial terms, when he addressed AIIC’s general Assembly in Brussels on 13 January, the delegation looks forward to a large turnout at the EU sector meeting on 30 January (see 5 below) and urges all colleagues to attend.  Aiic-members and non-members are entitled to attend and vote.

1. Quick calendar

The negotiating delegation first raised this matter with the Director General of DG SCIC in Feb. 2005, and the Administration has now agreed to try the alternative system proposed by the Delegation, on a restricted basis for a defined period.  More details will follow, once agreed.

2. Supporting evidence for travel by car

Following representations made by the Delegation, the Administration has abandoned the requirement for routine submission of supporting evidence whenever expenses are claimed for travel by car and the one-way distance is in excess of 500km.  In the interests of sound financial management, however, the Administration may request supporting evidence (for instance, petrol, motorway toll or other receipts) if it has properly founded doubts about the claim.  Colleagues are advised to keep such receipts until they have received final payment of amounts claimed.

3. Electronic contracts

The introduction of electronic contracts by DG SCIC in September seems to have gone smoothly.  The delegation had been properly consulted and had co-operated with the Administration on this venture.  The delegation has received no complaints from colleagues about the system, and replies have been provided to all queries.  For those unfamiliar with the system, details are available on the ACI page of SCICNet.

4. Quality rating

Following the introduction of the quality rating system in DG SCIC, the Professional Delegation in the Commission has received many comments from colleagues.   The Negotiating Delegation is not involved in this matter, which is internal to DG SCIC, but in the interests of reporting economy we can inform you that the Professional Delegation will advance the date of its next meeting with the Administration in order to discuss the issues.

5. AIIC-EU sector meeting

The Negotiating Delegation has issued an invitation to attend an AIIC-EU sector meeting on Monday 30 January 2006, at 19.00, in CCAB.  Elections will be held to replace two members of the Negotiating Delegation, Steffen Heieck and Asa Larsson, who are standing down for personal reasons. 

The members of your Negotiating Delegation are Daniel André, Máire Ennis, Steffen Heieck, Asa Larsson and Elisabetta Zanca.

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