Working for OECD

The official languages of the organisation are French and English. Interpreters must be able to work both ways on bilingual meetings. In addition, other languages may be used as required.

What to do the first time you are recruited by OECD

1) Bring along ID (passport or identity card) which will be requested, together with the QR code received by email, to obtain your badge

2) You have been recruited by phone or email. You will not receive a contract, but shortly before your first assignment at OECD you will receive a letter of engagement valid for the whole of the current year. You must sign the enclosed copy and return it with your CV and bank details.

3) Normally, payment is made on the 26th of the month following your engagement.

4) You will receive the documents for your meeting if they have been made available to the Interpretation Division in advance.

5) The day before your assignment, you will receive an email at 6pm with the details of the meeting to which you have been assigned.

Recommended citation format:
AIIC. "Working for OECD". July 2, 2002. Accessed May 27, 2020. <>.

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Ilja Moser


I am a free lance conference interpreter with English, French, German and Russian with 750 conference days to date.

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hartmut Lau


Is there a point of contact - phone number / email for those who wish to work as free lancers?

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