Facts, figures and photos from Brussels and beyond

Number of AIIC members attending the Assembly: 290

Number of members represented: 1,132

Number of microphones in the assembly hall: 300

Number of glasses broken by AIIC members squeezing into/out of seats (approx): 39

Number of DVDs of The Whisperers sold: 304 

AIIC Assembly


Number of days in Brussels: 8

Number of days with sunshine: 5

Number of press conferences/interviews: 4


Press conference - Dirk Reunbrouck, Silke Gebhard, Michel Lesseigne and Hande Guner

 TV Brussel interviews AIIC president J. Mackintosh

Number of articles/broadcasts about AIIC as a consequence: 10

Hyperlinks to articles currently available on the net (currently identified): 3

Number of AIIC group meetings/events organised around the assembly: 12

Number of languages spoken and interpreted at events: 6 (English, Dutch, French, German, Slovak and Turkish)


Máire Ennis and Elizabeth Davies in the booth at press conference

Number of technicians taking care of sound, electronic voting, IT, etc: 5

AIIC members among them: 1 (V. Buck – below left, in center)

Number of volunteers in Brussels who helped plan, organise and make the conference a success (minimum): 35

Number of photographs in the Brussels Photo Book by Horst Wagner (below, right) on the AIIC extranet: 139

Number of hours all these people put in: countless

Behind the scenes - Vincent Buck (3rd from left)     Horst Wagner

Number of cities where AIIC members reside: 251

Number of countries where AIIC members reside: 87

Number of languages covered by AIIC members: 46

Number of AIIC regions: 24

Total number of members: 2,736

Interpreters currently going through admission procedures: 213

Percentage of membership represented by women: 75%

AIIC members and volunteers

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  • Photo of Horst Wagner: © Sarita Gomez-Mola
  • All other photos: © Horst Wagner (

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I would point out that "members represented" (1,132)does not include "members present" (290) - in total 1,422. Though less than what one may desire, it is more than 50% and thus a quorum.

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Les chiffres ne sont pas mon fort, mais deux des données annoncées m'ont étonnée: il y a 2736 membres de l'association, et seuls 1132 représentés à l'Assemblée!

Moi qui suis revenue de Bruxelles pleine d'enthousiasme, de bonne volonté, de foi renouvelée en cette association, portée par le succès, l'enthousiasme et le dynamisme de l'Assemblée, je suis un peu déçue de voir que nous ne représentions même pas la moitié des membres!

It was the first time I was able to attend an Assembly, and I truly recommend this experience to all members, we should all go to an Assembly at least once in our life as interpreters, so as to understand better the functioning of the association, getting to know who is who and who does what, and mostly understanding what it is all about: sharing experiences, learning, setting objectives, being there for our profession...

Ever since I was a pre-candidateI have attended regional meetings, and sectoral meetings, but never before had I felt this urge to do something myself, never before had I realized how welcome my contribution could be, just as everyone's contribution!

I sincerely hope next assembly will be even more successful, by representing more than half the members!!!

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