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Report from AIIC’s EU negotiating delegation, February 2006

1. At the EU sector meeting organised by the Negotiating Delegation on 30 January, the Delegation ended its report by quoting the following extract from Commissioner Figel’s address to the AIIC General Assembly on 12 January: “We must move with the times, I said. I will merely mention the very far-reaching changes that have happened on the travel market over the last few years, something the Court of Auditors put a certain emphasis on in its report on the Institutions’ language services last year.  This is why we want to take a fresh look, together with AIIC, at some parts of the agreement of 1999. We see this as an important part of our agenda for 2006.”  The delegation emphasised that no written or other formal request for any such revision has yet been received from the Institutions, but that it was sure it could count on colleagues to be on the alert for further reports and invitations to attend sector meetings, and on their support in general. 

2. You are reminded that the March 2005 policy for mandatory insurance cover when under contract to the Institutions may be consulted on the ACI page of SCICNet (click on Insurance, top left).  The Van Breda policy providing complementary cover for days not under contract to the Institutions may be consulted on the AIIC website. An application form for the policy is available as a pdf file on the same page. 

3. Following the decision of the Court of Justice upholding the Commission’s appeal against the Court of First Instance’s ruling in the cases brought by two colleagues against the Commission and the EP (65-year age limit), the Commission, in reply to a question from the professional delegation to DG SCIC, has said it is clear that the Commission can recruit whom it likes between the ages of 0 and 77 or even 110.  It will continue to recruit in accordance with its requirements, whilst ensuring succession of ACI resources.  Whilst it is under no obligation to recruit anyone, in future, letters thanking ACI for their services will not be sent when an ACI reaches the age of 65.

4. An agreement has been reached with DG SCIC to run a limited trial in March of the alternative system for last-minute recruitment proposed by the Delegation. The trial will be for a 4-week period, 6 to 31 March.  More specific information will follow in due course, but we would like to stress that it is imperative that you keep your web calendar up to date and are prepared to follow through on any dates for which you have continued to show availability.

5. As Steffen Heieck and Asa Larsson were standing down, elections to replace them were on the agenda for the sector meeting on 30/1.  Despite hopes that there would also be a candidate from one of the new booths, Christina Stobbe was the only candidate and was elected by acclamation.  The meeting expressed its appreciation of the work and input of Steffen Heieck and Asa Larsson over the past few years.  The Delegation, in its new formation, (Daniel André, Máire Ennis, Christina Stobbe and Elisabetta Zanca) must be ratified by the Council of AIIC, which has the prerogative of adding a further member.  

The Delegation would like to thank you for your attention and support, and will of course keep you informed of developments.  If you have received this report, you are already a subscriber to AIIC’s EU sector mailing-list.  If you know someone who has not received it, they may subscribe by going to:  Members and non-members working in the sector may subscribe.

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