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Report of the AIIC-EU negotiating delegation, June 2006

1. Remote interpretation

The delegation attended the first meeting of the inter-institutional concertation about remote interpretation on 1 June. This first meeting was mainly exploratory, and a second meeting may take place before the summer break.

2. Quick calendar

As reported previously, DG SCIC agreed to a trial of the delegation's proposed alternative system for last-minute recruitment.  The trial was held in March and the results have been analysed by both sides.  There was no agreement on the interpretation of the results, and at the quarterly inter-institutional meeting with the delegation (also held on June 1), DG SCIC was adamant that the extra time and work they claim is involved for last-minute recruitment with the delegation's method makes it unacceptable. The delegation deeply regrets DG SCIC's decision and is now considering how to proceed. Meanwhile, the delegation would like to thank all colleagues who cooperated in the trial.

3. Payments

The delegation raised the ongoing issue of payments as some colleagues still find some payments are delayed and/or find errors in the amounts paid.  The problem of verifying or tracking payments when several are made in one bank transfer was also raised. The Administration agreed to our proposal that the EP and SCIC professional delegations should have a meeting with the payments unit to try and resolve these issues.  At that meeting the delegations will also raise the question of facilitating access to payment reports on the web calendar, with which some colleagues are experiencing problems.

4. Special residence permits in Belgium

The Administration has reported some progress towards a solution in the form of a meeting scheduled with the Belgian authorities to explore a possible solution. The delegation will keep you informed.

5. Change of status under the new CEOS from July 1, 2007

The delegation having raised the matter, DG SCIC has checked with both the Legal Service and DG ADMIN in the Commission, and been assured that no change in our legal situation will result from the new Staff Regulations of officials and Conditions of Employment of other Servants.

6. Air-fares

The Administration undertook to look into the reimbursement of fares for EP contracts, and to provide the appropriate follow-up on the question of discrepancies between fares published by DG SCIC and the fares claimed by ACIs and not queried by the EP. The delegation pointed out that the published fares may fail to take account of a higher fare applying on particular dates.

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