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EU - report from the negotiating delegation, 18 September 2006

Below is a brief summary of the report given by the delegation at the EU sector information meeting in Brussels on 13 September, after its first meeting with the Institutions on the revision of the Agreement.

In seeking a revision of the Agreement, the Institutions wish to discuss the following areas:

1. Reimbursement of travel costs

  1. With travel costs accounting for 25% of the total budget for ACI interpreters, their idea is to bring our fares and travel conditions into line with the staff regulations and the missions guides for officials.
  2. Supporting documentation for all travel incl. travel by car.

2. Remuneration

  1. Structure of the categories of ACI and their respective remuneration levels. Here the ideas expressed were a review of the beginners' category, a more gradual transition to the final remuneration level, and a review of the final level.
  2. The flat-rate travel allowance. There are two aspects - payment of this allowance for travel on a day when under contract to another Institution, and supporting evidence that one did not work for another client on a day for which it is claimed, particularly if travel is by car.
  3. Days not worked - review payment of two thirds of the daily remuneration.
  4. Retroactive payments of indexation increases.

3. Flexibility and adaptation to progress in inter-Institutional cooperation

  1. Reducing the period in the cancellation clause from 60 days to 30 days.
  2. Transfer to another Institution of an ACI under contract, with the ACI's agreement sought if the place of assignment changes as a result.

The delegation took note of the points outlined by the Institutions. It plans to hold a sectoral meeting on 17 October, and you may expect to shortly receive notice of and a draft agenda for that meeting. In the meantime, any input in writing from colleagues would be most welcome. 

Well over a hundred colleagues attended the information meeting. The delegation hopes the turnout on 17 October will be even bigger.

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