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Coordinated Organisations – minutes of the sectoral 2006

Coordinated Organisations – minutes of the sectoral 2006

170 members were present or represented, as well as non-members.

Following a progress report on the negotiations from the delegation and a discussion which lasted almost two hours, the Sectoral unanimously adopted the resolution set out below, as well as the principle of a letter to be sent to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe.

The Sector clarified the mandate of the delegation to enable it to continue the negotiation in terms of seeking a pay freeze for a limited period provided that the following points could be satisfactorily resolved:

  • the duration of the agreement and the deletion of the mid-term denunciation clause,
  • "Administrative arrangements", travel conditions and re-instatement of the déproche.

The Sector restates its confidence in the negotiating delegation.

The next negotiating meeting will take place on 27th October 2006.


Interpreters paid on a daily basis, members of staff of the Council of Europe and interpreters who work for the other Coordinated Organisations, meeting at a sectoral assembly in Strasburg on 2nd October 2006

  • having taken cognizance of their negotiating delegation's report,
  • recalling that the working relations between interpreters and the Coordinated Organisations have been governed since 1969 by Agreements entered into with the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC),
  • recalling that the remuneration of interpreters paid on a daily basis has been pegged to the same grade and step since 1984,
  • mindful of the budgetary difficulties of the Coordinated Organisations and, particularly, of the Council of Europe, whose Secretary General has set the goal of achieving "efficiency gains" of 2% per annum,
  • mindful that none of the Coordinated Organisation have sought to achieve this goal through reducing the remuneration of its staff.,
  • considering that it would be discriminatory for conference interpreters paid on a daily basis to be the only category of staff for whom "efficiency gains" would mean "pay cuts",
  • recalling that the number of working days has been decreasing from year to year and that interpreters are already achieving substantial "efficiency gains", without any compensation,
  • recalling that substantial savings can be achieved through methods other than by cutting pay,
  • refuse the Council of Europe Administration's goal of effecting savings of 10%, which the other Coordinated Organisations now support, by cutting their pay
  • reject any proposal that would lead to a downgrading of their profession, in particular the introduction of discriminatory pay rates for "new entrants"
  • call upon the Coordinated Organisations to reconsider their position,
  • seek the extension of the current Agreement for long enough to allow for negotiations leading to an acceptable outcome for all parties
  • restate their full confidence in their negotiating delegation.

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