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EU - report from the negotiating delegation, February 2007

1. Plenary meeting on 21 February 2007

Although the Negotiating Delegation had turned down the proposal on categories at the previous meeting on 29 November, the Institutions returned to the subject of changes to category and pay structures.  They proposed that in future the following categories and gross remuneration levels apply:

Experienced (=AD12/1): daily remuneration € 476,14
Confirmed (new category =AD8/3-4): 68% € 323,78
Beginner (=AD6/2-3): 50%  € 238,07

Current ACIs to remain as they are (€506,01 gross for experienced and €364,32 for beginners), beginners to become confirmed after 200 days of work, confirmed ACI to become experienced after 400 days of work as a confirmed ACI.

The above proposal was rejected by your Negotiating Delegation.  The Institutions then proposed taking as a starting point a 3-category system, with beginners being paid slightly (sic) less than at present (figures mentioned being 65% or 69% of the experienced ACI level instead of the current 72%), an intermediate category (no percentage mentioned), and an experienced category, with transition from one category to the next after as yet unspecified periods of time.  The Institutions proposed returning to this item at the next plenary meeting, scheduled for 24 April.

2. Travel expenses

On 29 January, the technical working group on travel expenses which had been proposed by the Negotiating Delegation held its first meeting.  As reported at the information meeting on 30 January, the Institutions proposed that for air travel from their professional domicile to Brussels, Luxembourg or other destinations in Europe except Strasbourg, ACI travel at the fare applicable to officials (which equates to a semi-flexible fare, reimbursable and exchangeable on payment of a supplement) and, where necessary, supplements or higher fares being paid too.   Under this proposal, travel would have to be booked through the Institutions' travel agencies (Carlson Wagonlit), which, instructed by the individual ACI on travel requirements, would issue electronic tickets and make all payments, avoiding the need for ACI to advance payment and seek reimbursement.  The Institutions said the travel agencies did not want to handle travel to Strasbourg, and the EP is still considering other options for this destination. The Negotiating Delegation asked for further details on certain aspects of the proposal, and it was agreed to explore it further at another meeting to see how travel conditions for ACI might become more similar to those for officials while allowing for ACIs' specificity.  The next meeting of the working group will be held on 6 March, and your Delegation will hold an information meeting at 19.00 on the same day (see notice of meeting).

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