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EU - report from the negotiating delegation, April 2007

Report from the AIIC-EU negotiating delegation on the negotiations of the new agreement

Below is a brief summary of the Delegation's report at the information meeting in Strasbourg on 25/4/2007, following the plenary meeting with the EU Institutions on 24/4.

1. Our proposals

The Delegation set out its proposals:

  • define fair compensation for long-haul and demanding missions
  • training for ACI
  • protecting ACIs' legal rights and reputation when their work is reproduced
  • incorporating in the Agreement the outcome of negotiations on remote interpretation
  • administrative improvements such as "soirée garantie" in all Institutions, toll-free numbers etc.

It was agreed to examine all these proposals. The Institutions are to make a proposal on training at the next plenary meeting. It was agreed that the missions issue would be examined in a working group.

2. Remuneration and categories

The Institutions outlined their proposal for three categories of remuneration for future ACI with gross pay levels and days to be worked before moving to the next category:

  • Experienced (==AD12/1): daily remuneration €476.14
  • Confirmed: 80 % and 400 days €380.92
  • Beginners: 68% and 400 days €323.07

(For purposes of comparison, experienced ACI currently receive €506.01 gross and beginners €364.32, with 100 days in the beginners category.)

The Institutions, while acknowledging that progress in the working group on travel was welcomed, insisted that any package agreement must include a remuneration element. The Delegation, as at the two previous meetings, rejected the Institutions' proposal, and after much discussion it was eventually agreed to return to the subject at the next meeting on the basis of two categories.

3. Travel

The outcome of the technical working group on travel was presented to the plenary. It was agreed that use of the Institutions' travel agencies would be optional. The working group is continuing its exploration of all details.

The next plenary meeting is scheduled for 6 June, with two more meetings of the working group on travel before then.

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