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EU - the proposed revision of the AIIC-EU agreement FAQs

EU - the proposed revision of the AIIC-EU agreement FAQ1, FAQ 2, FAQ 3, FAQ 4.

FAQ n°1 - 25 April 2008

Q: what is meant by "the best cost/efficiency ratio"?
Q: Where do I find the rule on lead times for ticket purchase?
Q: So what kind of ticket would I have to take under these new conditions?
Q: How about the guidelines for payment managers? When will they be published?
Q: Who would now need 250 days' work to be recognised as an experienced ACI?
Q: The Delegation said that the proposed change to the fare category in air-travel would not apply to EP travel to Strasbourg.  Why is there no reference to this in the text?
Q: There will be a meeting of the sector where colleagues will vote on these texts. Could it be organised to take place in two different locations, i.e. in Strasbourg during a plenary session and concurrently in Brussels so that colleagues can vote in person with the two results being added to get the total?
Q: If the sector meeting cannot be organised in two different locations, can it be held in Brussels on a Saturday so that colleagues from out-of-town can attend and vote in person?

FAQ n°2 - 5 May 2008

Q: What exactly is semi-flexible?
Q: What if extra days are added to my contract after I've bought a semi-flexible ticket?
Q: What does the provision on circular tickets in the proposed revision mean? How much would be reimbursed?
Q: When should tickets be bought, especially if options are used?
Q: What does "recruitment at short notice" mean?
Q: Who can vote at the sector meeting on 27 May?
Q: And what is a proxy vote?
Q: What would happen if the sector voted No?

FAQ n°3 - 14 May 2008

1. Q: Will the guidelines for payment managers be available before May 27?
2. Q: Couldn't these payment managers' guidelines introduce new rules not contained in the Agreement?
3. Q: As there is no lead-time does that mean I am free to buy my ticket at any time and can be sure of being reimbursed?
4. Q: What is the higher fare category?
5. Q: What kind of supporting evidence would I be expected to submit where it is required?
6. Q: If a range of semi-flexible tickets is available, would payment managers need to be satisfied that no cheaper fare than the one purchased was available?
7. Q: Will the Institutions reimburse the price of the ticket purchased by the ACI, in accordance with the Agreement and submitting all the documentary evidence required, or will they only pay for a more cost-efficient hypothetical ticket the ACI did not travel on?
8. Q: If I choose to travel by train (full 1st cl. Fare) = € 100 but the airfare (semi-flexible changeable and reimbursable on payment of a penalty) = € 90 what will be reimbursed, € 100 or € 90?
9. Q: If I need to take connecting flights to get to the place of assignment, and I choose to go via hub A, costing € 100, though going via hub B would cost only € 90, what will be reimbursed, € 100 or € 90?
10. Q: If airline A offers a cheaper fare than airline B, what will be reimbursed?
11. Q: If two airlines operate on the same route, and one offers a semi-flexible fare while the other does not, which one should I use?
12. Q: Can you confirm that the proposed new fare basis (IATA, semi-flexible, changeable and reimbursable on payment of a penalty) would also apply for travel to Strasbourg?
13. Q: The 300 km above which my right to travel to travel by air is guaranteed - is that 300 km one-way or return?
14. Q: Why is there no definition of recruitment at short notice?
15. Q: Would the travel agent's fee or the charge applied when purchasing via the Internet be reimbursed?

FAQ n°4 - 22 May 2008

1. Q: In FAQ 2 the last question asked what would happen if the sector voted No. You referred in your answer to the possibility of there being no Agreement, but I didn't quite follow why any payments would then attract national tax. Can you elaborate?
2. Q: Are all these FAQ and the Delegations' replies binding on the Institutions?
3. Q: Is the proposed semi-flexible ticket a ticket that can be changed as well as reimbursed?
4. Q: If I buy my ticket 6 days before the start of my assignment though I was recruited 3 or 4 weeks earlier will I be reimbursed if only a fully-flexible ticket is available at that stage?
5. Q: Does the ticket need to contain an indication that it is semi-flexible?
6. Q: What if the most direct route is not the most cost-efficient? Can I be expected to fly via a hub instead? And if I chose to do so anyway, would I be reimbursed?
7. Q: Suppose I have a contract with one of the Institutions and buy a semi-flexible air ticket, as required. There is a penalty for changing the time and date of the flights (say EUR 50 for each leg) as well as a penalty for returning the ticket (say EUR 100). Then it turns out that I have to cancel the contract (I fall ill, have a family emergency, etc). Are the penalties my own risk then? In other words, do I have to pay the 2 times EUR 50 for changing the ticket or the EUR 100 for returning it if I have no contracts with the Institution(s) in the foreseeable future?

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